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Archived Updates

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7/23/04 - An MP3 from the June Barcelona show has been added! Here Rob & the gang back together for the first time in over 12 years!

7/19/04 - Well, I'm hoping more people send in their reviews of the OzzFest 2004 tour with Priest being the main headliner. I've only received one short one. I was unable to attend the Hartford and New Jersey shows, so I'm hoping some of you out there can send in reviews, photos and MP3s of Priest's performances!!

6/14/04 - To all the Priest fans out there who are attending live Priest concerts over the next few months, please send in your reviews AND pictures!!! I will create a new page for each person who sends in a review and pics. I'll compile the reviews -only on another page.

5/28/04 - The NEWS page has been updated with a link everyone one must follow....

5/16/04 - The News page has been updated with some comments on the new box set. And, if you haven't ordered it, please do so through my CD Universe link! It's a freakin' steal!

4/12/04 - Folks, I have arranged for a SICK deal on the new Metalogy box set with DVD through CD Universe. You can now pre-order the set for $17.99 LESS than what Amazon is selling it for. The list price is $59.98. At CD Universe, the pre-order price is only $41.99!!! Please, do yourself and me a favor and buy it here today! Click on the link below:

Please email me if you place an order through CD Universe.

3/25/04 - The News page has been updated with info on the NEW album.

3/16/04 _ Well, I've had a not-so-good week. My ISP, Hostcentric, really screwed up my site. I started having problems with my FTP site and that led to a server move, etc. Well, they kind of lost track of my site content for a while. They also didn't reconfigure the new server correctly, so basically my site was down for at least 2 days and once it came back up on Friday, I was only able to restore from some backups I had from earlier this year.

Needless to say, I was pissed. I hadn't had problems with them before. Fortunately, after a few nasty emails and a lot of patience, they finally restored the site, I got a refund for a month's service and I was also able to cut the cost of the site in HALF. That means more MP3s (maybe). ;-)

Anyway, thanks to the folks at Hostcentric for their help.

2/17/04 - OK. Good news. And bad news. The good news, or rather great news, is that my friend Bryan Reesman, one of the greatest music industry writers around told me today that he wrote the ten-page liner notes for the upcoming "Metalogy" box set from Judas Priest! Awesome!!! You can check out Bryan's site here: Bryanreesman.com. I'm hoping to get a small preview from him, but we'll see. I understand if he doesn't want to let anything out of the bag at the moment.

And now for the shitty news. I've had this site up for almost 7 years now. For the past three, I've sold live shows to people around the world. It's one of the few things that helps pay for a site dedicated to Priest, and has certainly been more informative for fans around the world than the official site. Well, thanks to some bonehead on Ebay selling fake "authorized/official" CDs, a crackdown was launched, and your truly got an email from Jayne telling me to remove them or risk hearing from Sony's lawyers. So, for now, I've taken down the links. This sucks.

1/30/04 - Some exciting news on the NEWS PAGE!!!!

Visit ExcaliburFilms.com

1/26/04 - Check out the 3-for-1 sale going on for all live CDs!!!

1/23/04 - The News page has been updated with a bit of sad news about Dave Holland.

1/11/04 - I've put up the new MP3 page. There will be further additions, but this is pretty much it for now! Check it out!

1/3/04 - Happy New Year everyone! As you can see, the Shrine underwent a complete overhaul this week. Sorry for the down time. Stay tuned for more changes coming up soon!

8/1/03 - Well, I decided to wait until the excitement died down a little bit to have my opinionated say on the Priest reunion.

I'm still in a bit of shock over it, though. After all the rumors flying around for years, I just began to ignore them. It was like a stupid soap opera. But, after what happened over the past year in both camps, I realized that the reunion was all but inevitable.

Why? Well, let's take a look at Priest first. Since Rob left, they obviously had huge shoes to fill. They did very well with Tim, one of the only singers in the world who could have pulled off what he did. The problem was, it was no longer the same band. Glenn took over writing and producing duties. Songwriting suffered in a BIG way. When Rob left, the core that made that band so legendary had disintegrated. Jugulator, after the excitement died down, was a pretty bad album. Demolition was actually pretty damn good, but a couple of lame songs just plain killed it. To top it off, they just couldn't get the time of day from any record label, radio station or promoters without Rob being in the band. And the rumors would follow Tim wherever he went. It would never stop. I felt bad for him. Finally, they released TWO live albums with Tim. TWO! Why?? They basically had the same setlists. Tim messed up some core lyrics on the latest one, but they still expected fans to buy everything. Sorry. The live in London will not see my apartment or car stereo. I'd like something NEW for a change, guys.

Anyway, Rob didn't fare much better on his own - which is a musical tragedy, if you ask me. Since he left Priest, he recorded 5 solo albums. Four of them were brilliant and one (2wo) was not well-received. (You have to give Rob credit for having huge balls to take a career turn like he did. Very few people would have taken such a risk.)

Why did he fail on his own? I'm not 100% sure, but he happens to have had the same manager for the past 12 years. Relationships between record labels, band members, promoters and fans *all* gradually broke down because of this individual. If you want to find out more about John Baxter, go to http://www.metalflakes.com/cgi-bin/ultimatebb.cgi). He had NO management experience before taking over Rob's career and hasn't done anything else. This former shoe salesman was too incompetent to establish productive relationships with anyone Rob worked with, and that eventually led to Rob's solo career tanking.

Fight was a phenomenal band. Halford was a phenomenal band. Yet, for some reason, no one knew about their music. Some of the BEST metal ever produced and it practically flopped. Considering Rob's one of the greatest singers in history, this is inexcusable. Sure, the metal music industry isn't exactly what it was 20 years ago. But with cancelled tours, bungled album promotion, band turnover, and bad management, Rob's career landed with a thud. As a fan, that makes me terribly sad, as good music is hard to find these days.

So, the old legends are back together again. And I think everyone's happy about it, for the most part. If they can return they way they left (a la Painkiller), then I hope they take over the world once again. Rob's voice is still strong. I think the old magic and chemistry will come back into play so these gods can go out on top. I'm looking forward to the new DVDs - it's about damn time. And I can't wait for the reaction everyone's going to have the very first time Rob takes the stage as the singer of Judas Priest again (I'm predicting 3 or 4 sell-out shows at MSG in NY for the beginning of the tour). I think it's going to be quite emotional for tens of thousands of fans around the world.

7/13/03 - I have an exclusive interview with Pat Lachman, former guitarist from Halford, and some article links on the News page.

I have a LOT more to say about what's going on, but I won't have time to write it until Monday night.

7/11/03 - HUGE HUGE HUGE NEWS!!!!!! ROB HAS RE-JOINED PRIEST. It's true, and I just got home to find this in my inbox. It's not a joke. Please read the release on the News page.

6/23/03 - Well, there isn't much to report other than I'm continuing to sell stuff from my collection. Please be sure to take a look.

6/12/03 - There's a HUGE update to the FOR SALE page. Please check it out! 5/4/03 - Hey, guess what?? I'm official, baby! Check out my very first newspaper assignment reviewing the Metal Gods Tour in Hartford, CT! YIPEE! (Special thanks goes to Eric Danton at the Hartford Courant for giving me my first break!)

I'll have a lot more on the Hartford show (a much longer and detailed review), tons of pics (I met Ralf Sheepers and Metal Mike!), and my shitty experience at the first New York show. I hope to have it all posted later this week.

4/16/03 - IMPORTANT!!!: As mentioned earlier, I am selling most of the items you see here on the Shrine. I decided for several reasons to do this. But those reasons are personl. So, here's the deal. When you go to the FOR SALE page, you will see the items that I'm selling. This page WILL be updated until everything is gone. Prices are what they are. Do not asl me to lower a price on any item. Most of these items I paid more than what I'm selling them for. You email will be ignored if you do this. Also, the sales are based on first-come, first-serve. I cannot hold an item for you if someone else has the cash to buy it now. That's about it. Just about every item is in MINT condition, unless otherwise stated. So, have fun and please check out the...

FOR SALE page.

4/4/03 - How time does fly! Well, I hope many of you have been able to see Halford on tour recently. They're also headlining the Gods of Metal tour starting next month. I'm excited to see them again along with Primal Fear. Find out more about the tour at www.themetalsgods.com. I hope to get my fingers running and getting my review of the Brooklyn show up soon. I have some pics, but most suck. I was far away from the stage and the disposable camera just didn't pick up much.

Adult Video Universe - Click Here For The Best In Adult Video!

I realized this morning I completely blew it and never posted pictures I received from the Gods of Metal Festival from last year. Duh. So, I have now posted the entire set. Go to the main Halford page and take a look! My apologies to Leopoldo!!

Finally, I've made the decision to begin selling off many of my collectible items. Why? Well, changing interests and priorities are the main reasons. I could also use the cash, since I'm still out of work. My view is that there are other people out there who'd value these items more than me, who might not just keep them stored in boxes like I do. I'll be posting a page of items some time in the next month. DO NOT email me about any items. Please. I will not answer them. CDs are not being sold, with the exception of a few (maybe). The things I'll be selling will be posters, vinyl, tour programs, and other items. You can also support the site by clicking on the various DONATE buttons or by ordering some live CDs from me.

Does this mean the Shrine is shutting down? Absolutely not. I still enjoy keeping in touch with fans throughout the planet and receive mail to this day from people who've reconnected with Priest/Halford since finding my site. As a fan, that's pretty special. I've admittedly grown tired of the soap operas going on with the current incarnation of Judas Priest, so that has sapped some of my enthusiasm. I've spoken my mind on that subject several times and it's just not worth saying again.

Either way, The Shrine will live on for years to come in one form or another. I plan on offering web-based email to those who want it for $10/yr or $50/lifetime. Stay tuned for that page. You'll get your own @judas-priest email address, web-based email (like Yahoo), full control over your account including vacation messages and spam-filtering (customized processing rules), and even a cool web-based calendar. I think it's pretty cool. I hope many of you will, too.

12/19/02 - Well, since I'm currently not working, I decided to devote some time back to the Shrine for a while. I've finally managed to convert some old interviews I had on cassette that were sent to me by Jason Miniaci a couple of years ago. Thanks, Jason!! Check them out on the MP3 page now!

12/10/02 - Once again, it's that time of year to celebrate the holidays in the best way we know how. For your enjoyment once again, be sure to download Fight's CHRISTMAS RIDE!

10/26/02 - Well, as you may have noticed, there haven't been many updates in the past few months of much relevance. To be honest to all, I simply don't have the time or passion anymore to keep this site going as I did the first 4 years of the Shrine. The enthusiasm I used to have writing reviews, etc. isn't there anymore. I'm not ready to say that I'm throwing in the towel on this site, but updates are going to be few and far between from now on. Priest is pretty much in the grave at this point. They've announced they're taking another 2 years off before their next album. With the complete lack of momentum and publicity they've had since having Tim join the band, this pretty much spells the end of the band in my opinion. The simple truth is that the band and their "handlers" ignore fans' requests and really keep the band living and thinking as though it's 1986 again. It's not. That's why when you see a Priest show it's the same damn set as before. It gets old after a while. Yet, we are getting *another* live album with Tim. Why bother???

One other thing. I've pleaded with people to not email for MP3s that aren't available on the site anymore. Yet, I'm still getting those emails. I've said it before and I'll say it again, I CANNOT email anyone entire shows. So, please, be understanding an not ask me.

That's it for now. I hope you all have a great and safe holiday season.

8/24/02 - I've decided to not take any more orders for VIDEOS on the CD/Video page. The reason being that I do not have the resources available to me to get the videos out to those who buy them in a timely fashion and I don't feel comfortable having an avg. 2-3 week delay in getting out most orders. You can still buy all the CDs you want, but no more videos. Thank you for your understanding.

I'll be working on my Crucible and Priest DVD reviews this weekend, as I have some free time and it's not too nice out. Stay tuned!

8/16/02 - Well, I'm back from vacation and, well, hopefully ready to post some stuff. Soon. A few items I would appreciate if everyone read. First, I am getting HUNDREDS of emails from ISPs stating my address was on an email that was sending the W32.klez virus to one of their users. Mind you, I use a Mac EXCLUSIVELY for work and home. I am immune to this virus and my email programs certainly aren't affected by it. The Klez virus takes addresses from people's address books in Outlook (Windows) and uses forged headers to send this virus. This virus appeared more than 2 months ago. It seems to be more of a problem outside the US now. However, it's obvious people still have not updated or installed the latest virus updates on their computers. If you are one of them, DO IT NOW. Please. I'm really getting tired of the emails and have had to set up several filters on the judas-priest.com mail server to block the messages.

Second item is about the MP3 links that are not working. I posted a LARGE notice at the top of that page months ago that many of the links are dead. Yet, I still get people emailing me every other day that they can't download something. Please understand that last year I lost access to more than 250 MB of space on a storage server I was using to host those files. I do have an offer now from someone to host these files for free (thank you!), but I have not had time to upload them or fix the links. I don't mind people emailing me for a show or a few specific songs, but I've been getting emails from people asking me to directly email them 5 shows! I can't do it! That also includes ANY of the bonus tracks off the new re-masters. So, please, bear with me for a while on this, ok? It's more annoying to me than anyone else that I can't make all of these shows available to my visitors. I do my best to make this the most comprehensive Priest site on the net, but my resources are limited.

I appreciate your cooperation and thank you again for visiting the Shrine!!

7/23/02 - The entire Milwaukee show has been posted in the MP3 section. Thanks again to Steve Faurot for sending this show to me. I am expecting more shows soon. If you have any COMPLETE bootlegs frrom this tour, or photos, or reviews, email me and I will post them for you.

7/22/02 - There's a new review of the Priest show in St. Louis last week. Check it out!. I'll also be posting the entire Milwaukee show from a couple of weeks ago, hopefully tonight. Please be sure to buy your CDs from my CD Universe links before you download any MP3s or order a CD from the Buy CDs link! Help support the site if you can.

7/15/02 - It's been a long time since I posted any MP3s. But, thanks to my friend Steve Faurot, I have the opening song from Judas Priest's July 7th, Summerfest, Milwaukee, WI performance :"Bloodsuckers." While their setlist remains as boring as before, they at least chose the best song off Demolition to start the new shows. Go to the MP3 Page and check it out!!

7/8/02 - Ah, well, the great CRUCIBLE has finally hit store shelves and Halford fans around the world are soaking up the amazing music we've been given. I hope not to be too much of a lazy ass and write my own review shortly. Heh. (I've only had the album for 2 months now...) Anyway, we have our second review from the European festival tour, courtesy of Kroum Vassilev! Halford - Live at Akademik Stadium in Sofia, Bulgaria is now posted for your enjoyment! Thank you very much, Kroum!!

Also, Judas Priest has begun the second leg of the Demolition tour. I have to be honest - and harsh - about this leg. I'm not going this time around. I can't believe I'm saying this, but I mean it. Frankly, I'm not excited at all to see them this summer. Why? We have the usual set list issues. The band simply WILL NOT stick their necks out and take some risks with the setlist! Why? I don't know!!! Yeah, I've heard all the usual arguments that the core fan base wants to hear Breaking the Law for the billionth time, blah blah blah. Listen, I've got endless live recording of this band and I DO NOT WANT TO HEAR THESE SONGS EVER AGAIN!! For goodness sake, this band has more than twenty YEARS of matertial to choose from!! Yet, what do we get? One new song from their new album (which they deserve credit for because Bloodsuckers kicks some SERIOUS ass) and a couple of oldies they have played live before. Guys, how about dredging something up you have never played live and the fans would go nuts over? How about The Rage? How about Saints in Hell? Reckless? Or maybe even a REAL old classic like Dreamer Deceiver?? But, you know what? They won't do it. They are in their "safe" zone and I'm just tired of dishing out my $50 to see the same thing every couple of years. I don't know the number of songs Judas Priest has in their entire catalog. But, you would think or hope that they would utilize it to it's fullest. How refreshing would it be to see these metal gods put together 10 songs we would NEVER expect to hear live? The fans would love it!! I don't know who's calling the shots or what. But this has been addressed ad nauseum. This is one of the reasons people enjoy seeing Halford live so much is that he plays stuf we haven't heard in years or ever! (Don't bother to email me that I'm a Halford fan and not a Priest fan, please. Save your breath.) The band has a fan base that shrinks by the year. They will never achieve Screaming for Vengeance era success, but at least they can TRY! They're always bragging about how each album is so different from the previous ones (which is true) yet when they go out on tour it's the same thing!!! I don't get it!

Believe me, Priest can do themselves no harm by really mixing up the setlist every few nights. [end of rant]

Anyhoo, I would still like to get some revioews from this leg of the tour, as well as all the photos you can give me. Send them here!

6/21/02 - Well, with only a few days left before Halford's CRUCIBLE is released in the US, the tour reviews are starting to come in! I have one already from the first European show - The Gods of Metal Festival - already posted! Thank you, Leopoldo! I will try to get the pics he sent posted as soon as possible (I have a lot to do today. Sorry!) Go to the Halford page now!

Anyway, I encourage any of you who happens to see Halford on tour this summer to PLEASE send in your reviews and I will create a page just for you!

Finally, don't forget to order your copy of CRUCIBLE today! Visit my sponsor links and get it now!!

5/20/02 - Check the News page for an update on what Priest is up to this summer. (*gag*)

And.....COMING SOON!!!! Halford's "Crucible!" I have the songs now, and will be doing a review soon. This album couldn't be released soon enough. That's all I'll really say for now.

Other than that, not much has been going on. I'm sorry for the lack of updates, but if the band isn't doing much, neither am I, usually. Hopefully, I'll get around to uploading many of the goodies I've been promising.

4/4/02 - In non-Priest news, I woke up this morning to find out something that really saddens me. One of my all-time favorite bands is now done. The legendary Dave Mustaine announced that he suffered a serious injury back in January and has dis-banded Megadeth. I was hoping it was a late April Fool's Day joke, but...... Read about it on the official Megadeth site. = (

3/31/02 - I've posted a new live review of Priest in Zurch, Switzerland, and a long-overdue review of Demoltion by one of my loyal readers. Check them out!

3/25/02 - Lazy ass that I am, I finally posted the Roseland interview from more than a month ago WITH PICTURES! Be sure to check it out. Judas Priest: Live at the Roseland Ballroom 2/15/02!

3/3/02 - I still haven't finished my review of the Roseland show. I've been nusy, and I'm being a bit lazy. I hope to have it up in the next couple of days. 2/17/02 - Go to the MP3 page and hear a rare Halford/Sabbath song!

I've also posted another quick review sent to us from a fan named "Tanc" who saw Priest in Columbus, OH last weekend!

2/16/02 - WOW! I saw Priest at Roseland again in NYC last night! What a show! Sold out, tight set, lots of pictures, and I met up with a bunch of old and new friends before the show. I won't have the pics scanned until at least Tuesday or Wednesday when I get back to work, since I don't have a scanner at home. So, keep an eye out for the full review (hopefully) Wednesday night!

2/6/02 - Check out the NEWS page for info on participating in USA Today's chat with the band next week. Hopefully, it will go better than the AOL chat, which sucked. I missed it because of work, but reading the transcript, I realized it wasn't worth bothering with. Oh well!

CD Universe - Hit Music - Hot Prices!

If you haven't done so already, click on the banner above to order the third and final phase of the Judas Priest re-masters. The prices on the individual CDs and the US version of the Box Set are stupid low. You can't pass them up. So, help out the Shrine and do yourself a favor! They're worth it! (Maybe one of these days, I'll get around to do a review of them all... Clay, I owe you!)

I hope to get a lot of important audio/video projects out of the way. I finally got a cable from Radio Shack last week I needed, only to realize I had one all along I needed to hook up my stereo to my computer. I've been getting a lot of requests to put the Memphis 1983 show on CD, so that's at the top of the list. I also have some interviews on tape to record and post for you guys soon. Stay tuned.

Finally, don't forget to check out the CD/Video page for a bunch of shows you can get. It's all on the Merchant Page! GO GO GO!

(I also cleaned up a lot of crap from most of the pages tonight. I fixed a lot of proken sponsor links mostly.)

Order the new Judas Priest Box Set at CD Universe! It's a Steal!

1/30/02 - I have a great treat for everyone tonight! My friend Glen Crawford, from the great nation of Australia, sent me his set of photos he took at the Priest show in Brisbane back in December! Hop on over to the Reviews page and see what this long-time, dedicated fan has to say after seeing his favorite band for the very first time in more than 20 years! Thank you so much for sharing this with us, Glen!

1/27/02 - Many people were excited to hear Halfrod singing part of a new song on last week's VH-1's new hard rock show hosted by Sebastian Bach. Go to the MP3 page and hear it for yourself!

1/21/02 - Happy New Year, folks! Hope you all had a nice holiday! I sure did! Sorry for the lack of updates, but, uh, there's this game called Gran Tourismo 3 on the PS2, and.... Well, nevermind. ;-) I have a couple of updates to fill you in on today. First, my pal Brett Jones from Australia was cool enough to send me his review of the first show Priest did in Australia back in November. He also sent me an audio interview a radio DJ did with Glenn, but it never came through (Brett, every time I emailed you, it bounced back. I haven't been able to get a hold of you. - Devin). So, check out what he had to say about the show! Second, I lost a huge amount of available server space within the past few weeks, which really sucks. I can't host many MP3s for the time being, so I'm going to have to seek an alternative solution. For now, there are only 2 shows available from here. I'll let you know when I can have more available. Finally, if you haven't done so already, I've set up a great page where you can now buy your favorite Priest and Halford shows on CD or video. Take a look. I've been almost overwhelmed with orders the past month, but I've caught up now. You'd be helping the Shrine stay afloat by buying one or 5 of anything! I appreciate it!

That's about it for the time being. I have a huge backlog of interviews, pictures and other items that I hope to be posting soon. I even have some stuff on cassette a loyal visitor sent me over a year ago! Doh! But, my motivation is finally cranking up and I'm determined to keep this page kicking some heavy metal ass this year - my FIFTH year on the web!! How many of those big shots with millions of dollars (now down the toilet) can say that?? hehe

12/24/01 - I want to wish you all a VERY Merry Christmas, Hannukah, Kwanzaa, or whatever you may celebrate. Even if you celebrate nothing, happy holidays to you anyway! This has been a rather long, and at times quite painful year for many of us and the worl is sure as hell a different place for everyone. But, things could be a lot worse. And I think 2002 is going to be a very good year. I want you all to have a safe holiday season. If you drink, please don't drive. And have a safe and healthy New Year. We have a lot to look forward to in 2002. = )

Being in the spirit, I have posted the classic Fight song CHRISTMAS RIDE for all of you to download and rock to around the Christmas tree!

Also, please note that many of the MP3s on the MP3 page are down at the moment. One of my main sites closed down, and I'm trying to find space for those orphaned shows. I may have to just rotate here and there. Sorry fo the inconvenience!

Have a great holiday everyone. And thanks for supporting the Shrine through it's 4th year!


12/11/01 - A few new things for you folks tonight. First, I have added perhaps one of the greatest live Priest recordings of all time to my CD/Video store. It's the 1984 show in Long Beach, CA. It's amazing. Pick up a copy or two and see what I mean. Be sure to look at the rest of the list, too. I have a lot of great items.

I also have a review of the Priest gig in Melbourne, Australia sent to us by my friend Tony. Thanks, for sharing with everyone, Tony!!

11/29/01 - Check out the MP3 page for the Demolition bonus track, which only appeared on the Japanese release.

11/22/01 (Part 2) - I have posted a page which allows you to purchase many of the live Priest and Halford shows you've heard here or heard about elsewhere. I think the CDs are reasonably priced and go a long way towards helping keep this site alive. I've given away several gigabytes of material for free to thousands of people, so I hope you all will take the time to buy a few of these great CDs in return. They are all AUDIO, not MP3, CDs, so you can play them anywhere.

So, head over to the Shrine Music Store now!!

11/22/01 - I wanted to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving to ALL my visitors around the world, even though we only celebrate here in the US. Truthfully, most of this year has been pretty rough, but as I like to say "It could always be a lot worse." I have a good job, a roof over my head and a healthy family. Can't ask for much more than that. And considerring what others have gone through, I certainly can't complain about anything. Thanks to all of you who have emailed me throughout the year and continue to do so. I'll keep doing what I do here as best as I can to bring you more Priest/Halford stuff than you could ever digest (kinda like today's feast! Ha!).

I should have a bunch of new stuff posted for you by the end of Saturday. I have several CDs, at least one more live show, and a page where you can purchase all of the concerts I have on AUDIO CD, so you can play them anywhere. So, pay your thanks to the Shrine and buy some of them, will ya??? ;-)

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

11/17/01 - I got my import box set today from CD Universe! It's pretty nice. Not a bad deal for $50+ and four CDs. Order yours now, as they have them in stock!

I'll be posting the other MP3s and CD pics later on today. *UPDATE* The third Priest show has been posted. Stay tuned for an amazing Painkiller show!!!

11/14/01 - Been dying to hear Judas Priest from 1978? Check out what I have for you tonight. And don't be stingy. Help the Shrine!

I'll post another old show and a GREAT Painkiller show (hopefully) Thursday night.

11/13/01 - OK, I have posted the Halford in Spain show and I'll be working on getting the other two Priest shows finished before tomorrow night. Oh, yeah. I also have a new Priest live concert review (in Sweden!) that is now posted on the Reviews page.

I also managed to scan in a number of new CDs and CD singles I've acquired this year, so I plan on posting them tomorrow night. I don't have that much time tonight. = )

11/12/01 - What it is, peeps? Well, I realized that I have a lot of crap lying around in CD cases here that I should have posted for you over the past few months. So, here's what I've got coming up in the next few days:

  • Halford live in Bergara, Spain 11/26/2000 (19 songs)
  • Judas Priest live in Cambridge, England *1978!* (12 songs. Ya like that, don't ya?)
  • Judas Priest live in Osaka, Japan *1978* (11 songs)
I plan on having these up by Tuesday night (late).

Don't forget to help support this bad-ass site by buying your CDs through my CD Universe links. They rule. Thanks!

10/20/01 - Gee, guess what I finaly posted today? Yep, my review of Priest's latest effort "DEMOLITION." Check it out....

9/25/01 - Be sure to catch the new Behind the Music special on VH-1 featuring none other than Judas Priest!! There is so much history, that this show certainly misssed a lot of stuff, but they did what they could for an hour. Maybe I'll have more to say about it soon. If I ever get off my ass and finish the DEMOLITION review, I'll do that this week.

Album recommendation time! Click on my CD Universe links, and get yourself a copy of The Best of Bruce Dickinson. I've always loved Bruce's solo material, especially when Iron Maiden was near-death and I was dying for top-quality British metal. The 2 CD set was released today. Everyone should pick this up. And, you get 2 CDs for only $13.78!!! That's a steal for what you get, that's for sure.

Finally, I hope everyone has been able to return to "normal" after the horrible events on 9/11/01. I think it shook everyone's world and made us all quickly and sadly realize just how short life can be. I think everyone I've spoken to has seriously questioned what they do in life. I know I have, and I realized how much my job doesn't mean to me. It's a great place to be, I love the people, but it's meaningless in the grand scheme of life.

If you haven't already donated to one of the many organizations helping the victims' families, please take the time to do so. Even if it's only $1, it makes a difference.

9/13/01 - The US Tour has been postponed until January 2002, due to events occurring this week and the band not being able to get into the country at this point in time. A real bummer....

9/12/01 - (UPDATE) I've finally posted the Buenos Aires review. Check it out!

9/12/01 - Well, this being perhaps one of the eeriest days of my life (if you happened to be in NYC today, you know exactly what I mean), I'm going to get moving and start posting some things for you guys tonight in order to get our minds of the bad things in life. Our friend from Buenos Aires, Carlos Persini, was kind enough to send his review and a bunch of GREAT pictures of Priest's recent show in Buenos Aires! I'm fixing up everything now and will have everything up before midnight tonight. Gracias, Carlos!!!!

9/11/01 - I personally witnessed one of the most evil and sickening acts in history this morning. My co-workers and I watched in shock as the World Trade Center towers fell from the NY skyline. It's really hard to describe how it feels, but this is one day I don't think any of us will ever forget. I know I won't be able to. Condolences to anyone out there who may have been affected by this horrible tragedy.

9/4/01 - Rest in Peace, Hank the Angry Drunken Dwarf.... = (

8/29/01 - Alright, time for business since it's a long weekend. I got the last of the four Priest re-masters today, so I'll begin working on a review of them soon. Of course, that's AFTER I post my review of Demolition, which is approaching a ridiculous 3 month birthday. I've had the CD since early June. I need to write my things right away or I get too damn lazy and lose the moment.

Meanwhile, I have a couple more Priest shows to post as well. One is a fantastic Painkiller show!! I just hope I have the space on my server.

Finally, don't forget to place your CD or video orders through my CD Universe link, peeps. Every sale helps the Shrine. Believe me. Thank you!!

CD Universe - 30% Off New Release CDs!

8/18/01 - As promised, I'm working on the site this weekend, but not so much today, since it's so damn nice out (finally). Head over to the MP3 page for the goodies I've posted this morning! I'll try to get more posted some time tonight along with a few other items of interest.

8/15/01 - (The Clifton Park, NY Halford Show is back up on the site. Please go to the MP3 Page to download. PLEASE use my CD Universe link if you need to buy any CDs or videos. Help support the site!) Again, I'm sorry for not updating the site much for the past couple of months. I've been meaning to post a ton of MP3s and my review of DEMOLITION, but things have been kind of up and down for me the last few weeks. I'm going to make a point of getting back on the ball here this week. For all of you emailing me about the Clifton Park, NY show (I wonder why this is the most popular?) I'll be posting a permanent link back up tonight or tomorrow.

7/29/01 - Yeah yeah yeah. I'm working on it. I've been offline a lot recently. Sometimes, it's best to spend more time on life than on the computer. I'm sorry if the lack of updates recently has been disappointing to you all, but other things have taken priority for the moment. I'll be finishing up the DEMOLITION review (hopefully tonight) and posting a few other updates.

The DVDs You Want...At Prices You'll Love!
If it's nice outside but you're sitting in front of the computer reading this, shut down, and go out and get some fresh air. You'll be glad you did. = )

7/17/01 - I've been lazy! There, I said it! I'm still working on the reviews of DEMOLITION and the re-masters. I hope to have them up before the end of the weekend. (I'm glad this isn't homework! HA!) I also have TON of new live MP3s for you and more live reviews, too. Stay tuned!

6/24/01 - I'm a little behind in what I wanted to do for this weekend, but I finally have a couple of great new additions I want you all to check out. First, I received an excellent review of the new DVD from the Classic Album series, which features Judas Priest's British Steel. David Calvert was gracious enough to submit his own review of the DVD for everyone to read. Thank you, David!!

Second, I'm not sure how this is going to fly, but I have created my very own Judas Priest Shrine Store! I've got some cool shirts, mugs, and a mouse pad every Priest fan would love. Check it out and let me know what you think. It's an experiment, so it's life depends on whether or not you find it appealing and would buy anything from it. Let me know what you think (I am limited to those specific items and colors, so please don't ask why nothing is in black. I wanted that color, too!) Click on the banner below and see for yourself!

Help support the Shrine! Get your goodies here!

6/21/01 - Yet more coverage of the mighty Priest storming through Europe! Check out the pics from Italy!

6/17/01 - Two more live Priest reviews have been posted on the Reviews Page. Thank you, David Calvert and Dex Aitken!

Coming up this week:

  • More Live reviews from Europe
  • Review of the re-masters
  • "Official" introduction of the Judas Priest Shrine Store. = )

6/15/01 - Hey!! YOU!! Check out the brand new Shrine Store! I don't know if this is a good idea or not, but why the heck not? Check it out and grab something!

6/14/01 - I have started to receive set lists and reviews from my friends in Europe this week. Keep them coming! I have the most comprehensive one on the Reviews page. Also, I will be receiving my OFFICIAL copy of Demolition tomorrow! Yeah, baby! As I said, I don't have much time this week, so expect my review next week.

IMPORTANT NOTE! CD Universe has begun accepting pre-rders for Demolition, scheduled to ship on 7/31. Please help support the site by clicking on the above banner and placing your order today! They have a great price for Demolition AND all of the re-masters. Get them all!

6/11/01 - Well, now that the Priest European Tour has begun, I'm looking to my friends across the big pond to send in their reviews, set lists, pictures, and MP3s of any of the shows. Thanks!

My review of Demolition is on hold until next week. I don't have time to do it this week. Sorry! = )

6/6/01 - Well, I finally got my hands on the entire Demolition album today. Thanks, Mark! I have to admit it: I am actually impressed with this album MUCH more than I thought. I have to give it a good listen on my home computer speakers tonight, so I can figure out how I really feel about it. Nonetheless, and contrary to most reports, this album smokes Jugulator by a wide margin. I hope to have a review done before Saturday.

6/4/01 - I've added another Halford interview to the Halford section.

5/31/01 - First off, I want to thank everyone who has ordered CDs through my CD Universe link! Believe it or not, more than FIFTY Judas Priest re-masters alone have been bought through this site in the past 2 weeks! And there were many others, too! I sincerely want to thank you folks for helping out. It really does make a difference with this kind of support.

CD Universe - 30% Off New Release CDs!

Now, today's updates are in the News and MP3 sections! GO!

5/29/01 - Yet another rare MP3 for everyone. And a very cool desktop picture done by our friend Alchemist!

5/28/01 - part II - It's done! Finally! Check out the exclusive Halford in Chile page, complete with some great live and fan photos, AND the entire show in MP3!

5/28/01 - I'm working on the Halford Chile show page today. (I'm sorry for taking so long to do this, Jorge!!) I should have it up later. In the meantime, it's album recommendation time again!

Do yourselves a favor and pick up Megadeth's "The World Needs a Hero" CD RIGHT NOW! I've been a big Megadeth fan since baout 1986. After their last album, Risk, I was a fan no longer, as I just couldn't stand the direction Dave was taking that band. Lo and behold, the man puts together a masterpiece, vintage Megadeth album that is nearly as good as Rust In Peace (one of the greatest albums of all time). It actually takes a couple of listens to figure it out, but after that, the album just pulls you in. It's so complex, emotional, and technical that you can't help but love every song on TWNAH. You have my promise on this. It's worth every penny. You'll see what I mean after you listen to "Recipe for Hate" and "When." If you don't love this CD, something's wrong with you. Go to the doctor. ;-)

5/25/01 - Head over to the News Section for a new audio interview with Tim Owens. This one is apparently just as painful as the one linked to below. Thanks, Jorge!

One of the first reviews to hit the internet has appeared over at The Exciter Page. This is the second source I've heard, uh, not-so-good words from about Demolition. Kinda disappointing. Hopefully, I'll have the CD soon myself and have my take on this soon.

I will also be posting the Halford Chile show in the next day or so. I haven't had enough time to finish the page, so I apologize for the delay. I know I promised it last week....

5/19/01 - All excitement aside today, I have some things to say about an interview Tim Owens did with a few reporters in Greece this past week. Go to the News Section to see what's up.

5/18/01 - I got some interesting email today. From some nice guy we will call "The Highlander." Happens to be, oh, the COVER OF DEMOLITION AND THE NEW SINGLE MACHINE MAN!!!!! And, better yet, some sound bites. That's right! For the very first time, we the fans get to hear a sample of what the new Priest album is going to be like. I offer you.....The Demolition Preview Page! (It's no longer "exclusive," but still be sure to catch a glimpse. Hopefully I'll have more for you soon!)

BTW, I hope to have the Santiago, Chile show from the Halford tour up this weekend. I've been working really late this week, and just haven't had the time. Stay tuned!!!5/16/01 - A few small updates for tonight. First, I have removed the bulletin board and chat areas. They weren't getting much use anyway, and the company that ran the BB is shutting down later this month. Big surprise there, huh?

However, I have MORE MP3s for you! Go see what I've got now!

5/7/01 - I would have posted this earlier, but I was at a relative's wedding this past weekend. It was the best wedding I've ever been to, and everyone had such a great time. I'm so proud of her. = )

I have another Bonus Track from the Re-Masters (three of which are coming out 5/29 in the US! Don't forget to order them through my sponsor CD Universe for only $8.26 each!! You'll be helping the site survive!) called "Red, White & Blue." Go get it.

4/30/01 - Check out the News page for a nice little treat...

BTW, I am going to be posting yet ANOTHER full-length concert for you guys in the next couple of days. My good pal Frank (aka "Masters1st") hooked me up with an AMAZING quality show from Long Beach Arena in 1984. The Defenders of the Faith Tour was one of THE greatest tours of all time, and I'm grateful that Frank was cool enough to share it with us. I'll say more when I get the last few songs from him. Needless to say, you people are going to want this show bad.

4/29/01 - This is going to be a great day! I have at least one more, possibly two, re-master bonus tracks for you today! You know where to go. Now scoot!

4/28/01 - Aim that booty of yours to the MP3 page for an exclusive bonus track from the upcoming Judas Priest Re-masters!

4/27/01 - I'll be updating the site this weekend. Lots of tidbits happening, so stay tuned!

4/10/01 - Less than an hour ago, Rob was interviewed live, on the air on WBAB in NY...and I got it all for you! It's a large download, but well worth it.

4/7/01 - Woo hoo! Guess what I found in my email this morning? The long-awaited bonus track from Live Insurrection: "Blackout!" Get on with yo bad self and get it!

3/31/01 - Check out the News for a bunch of recent tidbits you'll be sure to enjoy, if you haven't heard already. I'm also working on a review of Halford's INSURRECTION, but my friend Oscar over at the Halford Bulletin Board beat me to the punch, so I'm going to post his take on this materpiece first later today. Stay tuned. Also, I have two new desktops that were submitted to me the other day. Check them out.

If you're interested in pre-ordering INSURRECTION, or anything else, please help support the site and order it through the banner above. Thanks!

3/24/01 - Ah, just when you thought there would be no more MP3s for a while, I've got a present for all of you. Halford, from Rock in Rio 2001 is now available in it's entirety! Rock on, people.

Introduce yourself to the millions of singles that are searching the web.

3/16/01 - In my hands as of yesterday is a fresh pressing of the new "Insurrection" double CD from HALFORD!!! YES!!! I don't know when I'll be getting a review up, but it should be soon, because I can't believe how incredible this album is. Also, other things going on include more news from the Priest camp regarding the new album and summer tour, Halford Live from Rock in Rio MP3s (Thank you Hellion!!!! Email me, please!!!), and some new scans coming your way soon. I started a great new job last week (I get a real boss this time around...) and things should be getting back to normal for me, I hope. Stay tuned.....

3/11/01 - Screw sending you to the MP3 page. You wanna hear the new single from Halford's "Insurrection?" Here ya go... : Screaming in the Dark. This song will kick your ass! If you thought Rob Halford shredded his vocal chords before, wait until you hear this. Special thank goes out to The Exciter Page for this one.

2/21/01 - Unfortunately, the new batch of MP3s are on hold. I am at my limit with my ISP's storage allocation, and it's going to cost me an additonal $10/month to increase my storage each additional 50 MB. If anyone knows where I can store a ton of MP3s for free, let me know. I really need another 200+ MB soon. I could use my home computer as a storage server, but it won't be accessible during certain times (meaning: If I'm playing Unreal Tournament online, you ain't gettin' no MP3s!) I'd rather not do that. All of the other services I use (AOL, etc.) only give you 5-15 MB, which isn't enough to hold more than 3 or 5 MP3s. If I made money off this site, it'd be easier, but I don't. You guys need to solicit my sponsors!!!! Also, I'm out of work at the moment, so I can't afford to splurge on this site right now.


2/17/01 - I have completed posting the ENTIRE New Haven 1988 show from the "Ram It Down" Tour! GO! GO! GO!

Stay tuned for more concerts MP3s. I'll be posting the very FIRST concert Priest played with Scott Travis back in 1989 at the Concrete Convention, and parts of a show from Holland in 1981 and Long Island, NY in 1980. Some great stuff.... I should also have the entire Memphis 1983 show in the coming weeks. I thought I had it on CD already, but I can't find it yet. Anyway, I'll have at least one show from the Screaming for Vengeance Tour soon.

2/2/01 - Apparently my ISP has been having some issues with this server over the past couple of days. I apologize to anyone who was trying to get here and got no response. I still don't know what the problem is/was... :-/

1/31/01 - Decided to be cool today and put up a few more CD images up for you guys.

I also fixed up the Reviews page to make it easier to get to the reviews you want. It was a mess before.

1/29/01 - News, news and more news....

1/9/01 - Happy New Year, everyone! Well, to start the new year off right, I've posted a nice treat for you on the MP3 Page. It's Halford doing "Slow Down" live.

Don't forget, if you have anything you'd like to share with fellow Priest/Halford fans, feel free to send them to me! Also, if you still haven't signed up for your free @judas-priest.com email address, what are you waiting for???

12/25/00 - Another Christmas treat for everyone!!! I have the entire Portland show from Halford's opening set during the Iron Maiden tour this past summer!!! Head on over to the MP3 Page and make yourself merry and stuff...


12/22/00 - Merry Christmas! Happy Solstice! Happy Kwanzaa! Happy Hannukah! Or whatever! Happy Holidays to all my visitors around the world! First of all, I want to thank each and every one of you for supporting me and this site over the past year. The Shrine has grown tremendously and I only see it getting better. So, thanks for all your great emails, referrals, compliments, plugs, and taking care of my sponsors. I wish you all tons of happiness in the New Year!!!

Now, since we're in the holiday spirit (and if you aren't, you will be now!), I've decided to forego my earlier statement about posting only 3 Live Halford MP3s per week until the complete show was posted. Instead, thanks to help from a mirror site, I decided to give you all an early present and post the final 8 songs TONIGHT!!!! Head on over to the MP3 Page and download the complete show from Clifton Park, NY! And, as always, I ask that you check out my sponsors - especially iWon.com and CDNow. Your support will help keep this site alive! HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE!!! SEE YA IN 2001! = ) -Devin

12/16/00 - Hi! How are you? Good? Good. Oh, you're here for an update, right? Well, the next 3 live Halford MP3s just happen to be up nice and early this Saturday. Go get 'em.

12/9/00 - So, what did Master Devin update today? Oh, could be a few new Live Halford Mp3s....

I have also posted a kick-ass Halford desktop! And more in the Computer Crap section!! Who's your daddy??

12/2/00 - An early holiday present today for all of those who missed Halford on tour or those of you who don't want to forget what you saw. Beginning today, I will be posting 3 Halford "Live" songs from the Clifton Park, NY back in October every week. Be sure to check back each week for the new songs. The quality is EXCELLENT and you won't find any better live MP3s of Halford anywhere else! Please check out Jeff's tribute band by clicking on the banner at the top of the page.

11/27/00 - I hope everyone in the US had a nice Thanksgiving!! News and updates have been slow as of late, mainly because there is nothing going on with the band. However....

I contacted Scott Travis a couple of weeks ago regarding several items. He was cool enough to answer my questions honestly, and I'm sure you'll find what he has to say very interesting. I have posted most of his comments in the News section! I want to thank Scott for being so kind!!!!

10/25/00 - I finally got my reviews posted of the New York and Hartford shows Halford performed last week. There are several pics available from the Hartford show as well! Check them out on the Halford Page!

10/20/00 - WHAT A GREAT COUPLE OF NIGHTS I HAD THIS WEEK!! I saw Halford in New York on Wednesday and in Hartford at the Webster Theater last night! I have NEVER seen Rob in such top shape before. His voice was stronger than ever, and the band was TIGHT. I was lucky enough to bring a camera to last night's show in Hartford. Most of the pics came out. I'll be posting them in a few days. Unfortunately, Metal Mike requested "no flash" when I took a pic with him and the damn thing didn't come out. That's my luck. At least I caught one of Patrick's custom guitar picks... Anyway, stay tuned for a double review and pics. If you have comments about either of the shows, send them to me and I'll add them to the page!

If any of you have held off on buying tickets for this current tour, you are either broke (and have a valid excuse) or lazy and stupid!!!! This show is a must for all Priest/Halford fans. You won't regret it. I promise you! ((*subliminal message time...buy your Halford tickets today....*))

10/10/00 - Sorry to anyone who tried to access the site over the past week. Somehow, my new provider screwed up a DNS entry on their DNS server, so requests to the site weren't going through. So, no, the Shrine is NOT going anywhere and is alive and kicking. *phew!*

JUDAS-PRIEST.COM EMAIL ADDRESSES!!! Yeah, You know you want one. Here's the deal. I am going to be giving 100 Judas Priest fans the opportunity to have their very own @judas-priest.com email addresses all for themselves. Here are the rules:

  1. Email addresses are for PERSONAL use only. If I find anyone using their email address for any sort of spamming purposes (i.e. bulk mail solicitation or Usenet spam), I will delete your ID *immediately* and report you to your ISP. No "ifs," "ands" or "buts." And I might steal your dog, too.
  2. If I receive a complaint regarding a user There will be one chance for explanation. If I don't like it, you lose the address permanently.
  3. Once I give 100 IDs, there will be no more (well, if you make me a cash offer, I'll probably change my mind....;-))
  4. Access will be through your email client, using SMTP/POP. I prefer not to allow web-based access because I'd like to keep traffic on the server to a minimum. I can easily set up mail forwarding to any email address as well. I'll deal with users on an individual basis.

That's about it. All you have to do is email me your full name, preferred user ID and password, and an email address you want forwarding set up for. (i.e. if your email is joe@dot.com, you can have joe@judas-priest.com automatically forward to that address). I will get back to you within 48 hours with instructions on how to set up your email client. Due to time constraints, I cannot provide tech support for anyone's email client. If you don't know how to set up your email to send/receive from another account, please consult the HELP file or vendor's web site support section.

Having the @judas-priest.com email address is a privilege and is a representation of this site and a great heavy metal band. I expect each and everyone of you to use it proudly and respectfully at all times. You know the rules. = ) That's all.


10/3/00 - It's new album recommendation time!!! I got Racer X's latest CD (Scott Travis is on drums!) "Technical Difficulties." AWESOME!! This one is for anyone who likes good hard rock and a MUST for guitar freaks. I've never really heard Paul Gilbert play before. As a guitar player, I'm ashamed of that!! This album is fantastic! Check out some clips and order it from CDNow.

9/28/00 - Well, things went much more smoothly than I anticipated. The Shrine has a new home on some wicked fast servers. Hopefully, this will clear up a lot of problems some of you have been having (that includes me...). Thanks again to Virtualscape (and Christine!) for hooking me up! It seems like the new server is ten times faster than what I was on before. I am also looking into setting up an email domain. But more on that after the domain is transferred. ;-)

9/27/00 - Chipper news, people! I am now in the process of transferring this site to a much better server. Thanks to my friends at Virtualscape. The current site is just too slow, even with minimal traffic, so I've finally had it. I'll be hopping on something a lot more powerful this time. I hope to have everything transferred by the end of next week, and hopefully, we'll be flying...

Just a reminder to pick up your Halford tickets before you miss him again! The dates are available on the Official Halford Site.

9/22/00 - Well, lucky me. Yesterday, my web server was doing it's usual thing and stalling when I was trying to update this page. What happened? BAM! Page erased! And since my provider keeps backups, there should be no problem, right? BZZT! Wrong answer. Takes them ten hours even to restore even ONE file from tape backup. So, I've lost the updates page forever. Lesson #1 - Always back up your files on your own machine. Lesson #2 - Find a host that can actually support your site. I'll be moving the shrine in the next week or so to a new host, Virtualscape, which should bring us better speeds and better support.

One other thing. I owe an apology to a couple of people who have sent me reviews and such over the past couple of months. I haven't had a lot of time to update certain sections due to personal and work commitments. I will be posting your items in the near future. Soon to come is a review of a Halford show, live taped interviews from Priest radio appearances in the early 80s, and a couple of CD reviews. If you have anything special you'd like to share with other Priest fans, please don't hesitate to talk to me about it. Email me!

One other thing. I want to throw out an unsolicited plug to Hard Radio.com. If ever there was a TRUE metal radio station, this is it. I've been listening to them constantly at work and love it. I don't have to put up with generic playlists and repeating "hit" songs. Check them out. You won't be disappointed at all. And let them know the Shrine sent you.

9/21/00 - OK, back to work! I just got off the phone with Will Pendarvis who's one of the DJs at WXRK in NY. I asked him why he hasn't been playing anything from the new Halford album. He said he hasn't heard it yet, but has gotten a few calls about it and it's "on his list in the next few days."

If any of you live in the New York area, PLEASE give K-Rock a call and start requesting the hell out of Halford. Trust me, if the guy likes it, he'll play it.

The phone number is 1-888-923-5762. Ask for Will. Let's see if we can actually make a difference!

If you live in another area, give your local stations a call and let them know you want to hear Halford's new album on the air. This amazing album is being ignored by radio (along with other greats like Iron Maiden's Brave New World) and it's time to tell these clones we want some good music for once.

Please help support this site by visiting my sponsors
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