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Priest Live in Buenos Aires, Argentina 9/1/01!

Special thanks goes to Carlos Persini for his review and some great pictures!!

(At Carlos' request, I edited the review slightly due to language barrier. He did a great job, though!)

How many years waiting? How many dreams finally came true? Too much. But after 25 years, Priest had played live in Argentina, on a cold Saturday night. The setlist was exactly the same as in Europe. When the light turn off, one of the best show we ever see had begun. "Metal gods" was the first song, and there was no doubt; they are the gods, and they will be forever. Ripper, full metal dressed, stepped on the stage, as self-confident as the one who knows he was born for this. "Heading out to the highway" (20 years after!!) shows what Priest can do. Glenn and K. K., are, maybe, the best couple of guitar players in the metal history, they never had lost the edge, "Victim of Changes" , bringing tears from the fans, is the proof. What's my name? is the question, and everydody screams the anwer: "The Ripper". The people went completely mad, there's no disscussion, he's the one, he's the best. His inimitable voice takes the stadium, nobody want to get free. The fans screamed with the power of "Blood Stained" (announced as little more brutal) and "One on one", when Scott played like a metal machine. "Machine Man" was very well received by the fans that know it, and surprised the rest. "Burn in Hell" is already a classic, "Diamonds and Rust," since Tim joined the band, became and absolute classic, and the man shows again why he was chosen. The best moment of the show. K.K. plays the solos better than I dream of, he is always concentrated, making every song a piece of love. "The Green Manalishi", another oldie that really rocks the fans. The classic "You've Got Another Thing Coming," when Ripper makes fans get loud. "Breaking the Law" is the favourite Priest song in Argentina, the madness was absolute, and then cames the first goodbye. The sound of a bike breaks the silence, the light shows Ripper over the wheels, the "Painkiller" is here!!! The place explodes. I have to admit that I never had seen, in any video, a so fuckin' happy Ian Hill. I'm sure he really enjoned the gig. New goodbye, a minute, and "The Hellion" is on the amps. Back with "Electric Eye", to a full classics final: the Scotts favourite "United" sung by everybody (more powerfull than I expected), "Living After Midnight " goodbye again, but the lights don't turn on, we have one more yet: "Hell Bent for Leather", Glenn totally crazy, jumping trough the stage, and Ripper giving his soul to every word.

The smiles, the happiness, faces that shows the dream came true. Fans who said "now I can rest in peace" were only more proof that what Priest had done, an amazing concert, one of the more special ones in my life. The just can say "THE PRIEST IS BACK" and I hope never goes.


PD: Mmhh... Rob who?
PD2: Is a joke, Rob, anyway, I'm still loving you.

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