This page now includes all of the Glenn Tipton solo singles!

3 Classics

Mini-Set: British Steel, Point of Entry, and Screaming for Vengeance
Columbia/CBS Records, 1998

(new - 1/01)

Nothing special here. This is one of two or three "3-Paks" issued a few years ago, porbably to help clear any back inventory.

Hell Bent for BBC

Live Bootleg
(new - 1/01)

A cheesy-looking CD (lovely inkjet printing!), but most of the music is great! The first 10 tracks were recorded live at the Hammersmith Odeon, London, England on 12/21/81. Just ignore the quality of the last three songs, which were recorded at the Palladium in NYC on 3/10/78.

If you want a copy of this CD, it's $15. Email me.

Blood Red Skies

Promo CD
CBS Records, 1988

I just recently found this baby a couple of months ago. I never even knew it existed until I saw it. It's a promo for the song "Blood Red Skies" off of the Ram It Down CD.

A Touch of Evil

Promo CD
Columbia/CBS Records, 1990

Another beauty I found a few months ago! One of the greatest Priest songs ever made - A Touch of Evil. This CD contains the full and radio edit versions. (Download the rare Radio Edit version of A Touch of Evil! - 6MB)

Live Meltdown

Promo CD
Priest Music, Ltd., 1998

(New! 7/00)

Ahhhh... Good 'ol eBay..... Snagged this rare promo of the '98 Live Meltdown CD from a lady in my old home town. Definitley not many of these at all that I know of!

Bullet Train

Promo CD
Priest Music Ltd./Zero Corporation (Japan), 1998

This CD has the first two re-makes of Priest classics with Tim Owens on vocals. They take a while to get used to (I personally prefer the older, faster live versions of Green Manalishi...). Take a listen to the samples to see for yourself!

Want to hear a clip?

Or how about the entire songs?
(All songs are copyright 1998 Priest Music Ltd. These clips are intended for demo purposes ONLY.)

Bullet Train

Promo CD
Priest Music Ltd./CMC Int'l, 1998

Nothing special here...except a rare pre-release promo from Jugulator!


Promo CD
Priest Music Ltd./SPV GmbH- Germany, 1997

This is the German promo CD of Jugulator release in '97. It features the same crappy-ass, pixelated cover as the regular CD (Thanks, Wal-Mart! Censorship at its best!)

Bullet Train

Promo CD
Priest Music Ltd./SPV GmbH- Germany, 1997

Yet another promo CD from the German SPV.

Metal Gods

German Compilation
Phono Music (Sony Music Entertainment - Germany), 1995

The award for crappy design goes to this beauty of a compilation. I highly doubt the band knows this exists, or they would've had a fit. This spanks of bad taste in design. Anyway, this is a German compilation CD with "digitally remastered originals." It has some cool photos in the inside booklet (some of which you can see). There is also some sort of band history/story/description written inside. What sucks for me is that I can't read a word of German, other than Farvegnugen and Volkswagen. So whatever the copy writer wrote will remain a mystery to me for many years to come...

Living After Midnight - The Best of Judas Priest

Compilation CD
Sony, 1997

Although this is yet another Judas Priest compilation CD, at least this one looks good! Very good live photos. I have a bit of a gripe with the suit who picked out the tracks, however. "Johnny B. Goode" and "Locked In" should NEVER be put on CD again! I am sorry, but those songs are just not good. (I won't go into my rant about "Turbo"...). The inside booklet is very well done, so included all of the photos for you to see. There is also a nice write-up by Malcolm Dome of KERRANG Magazine. I wonder how long Sony can milk Judas Priest for revenue...

Prisoners of Pain

Compilation CD
Sony, 1996

"Prisoners of Pain," in my opinion, is an absolute waste of a CD. There is no need for another re-hash job. There are ten songs. NOTHING in the booklet. Even the cover photo is bad. And where the hell did they get the title??? Maybe one of the Sony suits had something else on his mind...ouch!


5-track DJ Sampler (Copper Disc)
Columbia Records, 1986

This one was tough to find! I first saw it in The Official Price Guide to Compact Discs (which I don't really recommend because there is so much left out...). I managed to find it at a small record convention in West Haven, CT. The problem was, I had already spent my cash on a ton of other things. Sure enough, the same dealer didn't attend ANY of the conventions I went to for the next year. And, yes, I was searching for him.
I finally ran into him a year later at a show in NYC. He still had this CD and a rare recording of Priest playing the BBC Rock Hour! I scooped them up and went home happy. Right after that, some guy from Arizona sent me an email in response to a desperate plea I posted all over the 'net for this CD. Call me greedy, but I bought that one, too.

Pure Classic Gold!

10-track Promo CD for Metal Works 73-93
Sony (Columbia) Records (UK), 1993


Three Track CD Promo
CBS (UK), 1990

Night Crawler

CD Promo
Sony/CBS (UK), 1991
The only one of these I have ever seen I bought. Some of these came with a green rubber worm. I guess I could just go down to the local fishing tackle shop and get one, but it just wouldn't be the same...

Night Crawler Picture CD

CD Promo
Sony/Columbia, 1990

OK, let's see if we can figure this out. I have two of these CDs. They are identical a far as I can tell. However, one of them has a sticker on the back cover of the case that says Made in Austria. It also has a label on the front saying Strictly Limited Edition Individually Numbered Picture CD. This one is number 01956. The other one has none of these features. No stickers or numbers. What's the difference? Anyone buying this in Austria was duped...

The Sharpest Cuts (1 & 2)

CD 9 (10)-song Sampler
Columbia, 1990

These were by far the hardest CDs to find. There are two versions of "The Sharpest Cuts," both designed similarly to the CD saw blade used on Painkiller. Version one contains nine songs. An even rarer 10-song disc contains the extra "?" track. This track, which is actually "Better By You, Better Than Me," was put on the CD and recorded backwards!!! Why? Remember that rediculous trial in Nevada when Judas Priest was being sued because two junkies killed themselves, while drunk and high, while they listened to Judas Priest's "Stained Class" album? Guess what track they were supposedly listening to and allegedly heard "DO IT! DO IT!"....
Thanks to Ebay, I now have 4 of these babies.... = )

Kill or Be Killed

CD Single
Atlantic, 1997

The coolest of the four CD singles available from Glenn Tipton's solo album "Baptizm of Fire," this is the only one that has any sort of artwork. Not too shabby. I was surprised to hear from a music dealer recently that all of Glenn's CDs are in very high demand. That says something...
There is only one track: Kill or Be Killed

Paint It Black

Enter the Storm

Himalaya (previously unreleased!)

CD Singles
Atlantic, 1997

Nothing too special about these plain CD singles...except that track most of you probably never heard of: HIMALAYA. Himalaya is 7:47 long and is comparable with the rest of the "Baptizm..." songs.

(Update 5/30/00)
Lucky for you, I decided to encode the song for your enjoyment! I figure Glenn wouldn't mind people hearing it. So, hopefully, no legal eagles will bother me about this. So, go ahead and grab this exclusive MP3 of "Glenn Tipton's "Himalaya" (7.1 MB) while you can!!