Nostradamus Articles
  • Rob Halford interview with "Time Off Magazine" in Australia. Rob gives details about "Nostradamus! (11/20/07)
  • Metal Hammer UK article on "Nostradamus" (11/20/07)
  • interview with Rob halford with a must-read update on the new (double??) album!!! (10/15/07)
  • Judas Priest's Nostradamus concept LP: a Heavy Metal Phantom of the Opera (added 1/12/07)

  • NEW! Bravewords talks to Rob Halford about new Fight DVD (added 12/28/07)
  • Bryan Reesman interview Rob Halford - 1998 for Bikini Magazine. (added 9/13/07)
  • He's Got Another Thing Comin' - An Interview with The Metal God, Rob Halford by Jeb Wright, November 2006 (Classic Rock Revisited)
  • JUDAS PRIEST Frontman: 'I Don't See Why HALFORD Should Not Play Live Again' - Nov. 1, 2006 Roadrunner
  • JUDAS PRIEST Frontman ROB HALFORD - "All The Nostradamus Writing Sessions Are Completed"
  • BW&BK EXCLUSIVE: ROB HALFORD - "I Have To Do My Black Album With IHSAHN At Some Point" (Who the hell is Ihsahn??)
  • Biomechanical to record cover version of PAINKILLER, produced by Chris Tsangarides (producer of Judas Priest's Painkiller) (9/29/06)
  • VH1 Classic Rocks This Fall With Slate of New Series, Movies and Specials Featuring ....Judas Priest and many others (9/29/06)
  • Interview with Rob Halford on the new album
    • Although Judas Priest has accomplished just about everything a heavy metal band could possibly hope for, Rob Halford and company have yet to tackle a concept album. Soon, the group will be able to check that off its to-do list, as Priest is currently hard at work penning an album that will tell the story of the 16th century French prophet Nostradamus.

    • "We're writing right now," Halford tells "I'm here in the Midlands near Birmingham, with Glenn [Tipton] and K.K. [Downing]. The ideas are just so strong -- we've already been putting down the music. It's incredibly exciting and inspiring to be involved. We're getting incredible results at these early stages."

    • Telling the tale of Nostradamus against a hard rock soundtrack will certainly be daunting, but Priest is up for the challenge. "It's going to be a monumental task. We've written about characters in our music over the decades -- 'Loch Ness,' 'The Sentinel,' 'Sinner,'" Halford says. "It's just like a natural progressive step for us. The exciting thing is that we're going to be performing the whole piece live on stage when we go out, hopefully in early 2007."

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  • Rock Detector Interview with Rob Halford (3/30/06)
  • Metro UK Interview with Rob Halford (3/30/06)
  • Modern Guitar Interview with Glenn Tipton (3/16/06)
  • - Jeff Kurby Interview with Glenn Tipton (3/16/06)
  • Metal Interview (3/16/06)
  • Interview (3/16/06)
  • Rockdetector Interview with Glenn Tipton (2/15/06)
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  • Angel of Retribution Articles/Links - A new experience every week
    Announcement: 2/8/00

    The Judas Priest Shrine is proud to announce that Bryan Reesman, noted music journalist for magazines such as Goldmine and Metal Edge, has been generous enough to provide The Shrine with two feature articles published in Goldmine Magazine. "Hell Bent For Leather: The Story Of Judas Priest", the most comprehensive history of Judas Priest ever written to date, and "The State Of Metal 1999: Rocking hard, riding free", which takes a look at the state of metal and music heading into the new decade, are now posted in their entirety for you to read.

    I am a long-time fan of Bryan's work and am eternally grateful for his contribution to the site. This is by far the most exciting event for The Shrine, and I hope you all take the time to read both articles. If you thought you knew everything about Judas Priest and heavy metal, think again! These features will let you in on some juicy tidbits and a lot of history.

    I encourage each and every one of you to please send Bryan an email at "" and let him know what you think and to thank him for giving me the privledge to post this for all of you! You can also visit his new web site

    Here's what you are looking for:

    "Hell Bent For Leather: The Story Of Judas Priest"

    "The State Of Metal 1999: Rocking hard, riding free"

    Please visit these links to view some of Bryan's previous work:

    Judas Priest feature in Boston Phoenix, 11/10/97:

    "Haydn From The Headbangers" feature on

    New Wave Of European Heavy Metal feature on

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