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The Judas Priest Info Pages - A Tribute to Maddrakket

The Judas Priest Info Pages
Perhaps the most comprehensive Priest information site ever constructed. Its creator, Mark "Maddrakket" Robison, sadly passed away on October 25, 2008. Fortunately for Priest fans, he archived his site for a successor and it's been preserved for all to enjoy. Rest in peace, Mark.

The Official Judas Priest Homepage
I am pleased to say that Priest has begun to post more regular updates to the official site! Along with a refreshing cosmetic change, the band promises to feed their rabid fans much more information in the future. Check it out regularly for updates!

Rob Halford's new site. The Metal God has always had a huge presence on the web, and the site is packed with Metal Godness goodies.

NEW! KK Downing's official metal site - KK Downing's Steel Mill featuring news, interviews, videos, blogs and a ton of other metal goodies debuted on March 8, 2007. It's a must-see. A big thumbs up for KK and his crew for putting together an amazing site.

Paul Gilbert is one of THE most amazing guitar players on the planet. If you have ANY interest in guitar playing, you have to listen to him play. He's the guitar player for the incredible band Racer X, for which Scott Travis plays. GET THEIR LATEST CD!!!!

Rockdetector - The World's Biggest Rock Devoted Database
A GREAT new metal resource. Band profiles, reviews, you name it.

Hard Radio is the premier Heavy Metal music radio/internet site. Visit Hard Radio to hear heavy metal music on your computer 24/7. You can also find a ton of weekly Metal News, interviews, name it!

The Heavy Metal Source Fanzine Todd Cardini runs this cool metal fanzine covering the East Coast metal scene. It's a tough job he's got, so be sure to check out his site and subscribe to his newsletter!

Another excellent site that has popped up recently is the French Metallion site! What a great addition to the web. These guys have audio and print interviews, lots of metal news covering most of Europe, and lots of other useful stuff. Go there now!

Be sure to visit the Ultimate Band List. You'll find more than your usual amount of info on your favorite bands, including links, news, videos, biographies, downloads, etc. (Just don't buy your CDs through them. ;-) ).

Tribute Band Mania!
...It's the place to find news, information and links to tribute bands all over the world. Due to Tim Owens background as a tribute band artist, Judas Priest will be a constant focus of the site.

Adult Video Universe - Huge Selection & Low Prices!

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