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11/13/07 - You can now order the DVD + CD of Fight - The Movie documentary. Click HERE to order. Can't WAIT to get my hands on this...

7/27/07 - Well, the long-awaited Metal God Essentials Vol. 1 DVD and Digipak have been released!!! Be sure to get yours today. Click on the links on this page.

1/16/07 - Halford's new video "Forgotten Generation" premiered this week on Yahoo! Music. Check it out!

1/12/07 - Just doing some cleanup work here on the Halford page. I've removed any bad links and have added some new ones I found today.

12/4/06 - More exciting news about Rob's whereabouts this month, according to

News 11/28/06 - The day is finally here!!! The entire Halford catalog has been re-mastered and is now available for download! Click on the banner above to hear how amazing everything sounds.

According to Halford's manager, John Baxter, the videos will be available on iTunes in January or February.

News 6/6/6 - Well, the news took longer than expected to come out, but check out the News page for the full announcement of Rob's future plans. Needless to say, the news is great.

News 2/9/06 - While Judas Priest has reportedly returned to the studio for their next album, Halford's manager, John Baxter, posted recently that there will be news regarding the next Halford release of some sort in March. Stay tuned....

->Halford interview 4/3/03 courtesy of
-> Halford live in Sofia, Bulgaria!
-> Review of Halford at the Gods of Rock Festival in Monza, Italy For hours of live and rare Halford MP3s, be sure to check out the Shrine's MP3 page!

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-Metal-Is review of Live Insurrection [3/30/01]
-Hartford, CT - 10/19/00 (with pictures)
-Roseland Ballroom, NYC - 10/18/00 (no pictures)
-Wall of Sound - Rob Halford's RESURRECTION

-Halford Live in Chile (Guest review/pics)

-A great interview with Rob about his new album "Crucible. (
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Rob Halford - Resurrection!

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