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6/1/11 - Hey, Priest fans! This will likely be the last update I ever post on the Shrine. It's been a long, long ride - 14 years to be exact - running this site. Back when I started this, it was a cool little project to showcase Priest memorabilia and some band news. It grew like a beast in the years to follow, thanks to the (literally) millions of you who have visited the site from around the globe. And you made it the most popular Judas Priest site on the web.

The bottom line is that I have a family and full-time job - and virtually all of my time is dedicated to those parts of my life now. I simply don't have the time to maintain or improve the site any more (let's face it, I was never a very good web designer!).

There have been lots of major events regarding the band this year: some great, others not so much (we love you, KK!). I don't even have the time to chime in on those at this point. So, as things with the band sort of wind down and my collection is essentially sold off at this point, it's a good time to sign off.

The site will remain up and running indefinitely. The domain judas-priest.com is for sale if you're interested, however. I'm sure someone with more time and resources could turn this site into something spectacular.

To all you Priest fans and the band: THANK YOU. AND KEEP THE FAITH!


12/8/10 - Well, by now most of you have heard the news: Judas Priest is nearing an end. I'm still completely rattled by the announcement on the band's site ysterday. But what isn't clear at all is whether this means we'll never get a new studio album or see them live on a smaller scale moving forward. As the guys are now all in their early 60's (except Scott Travis), it was just a matter of time before they decided to call it a career. The rigors of touring when your 60 compared to when you're 25 are drastic. And maybe they're just flat out tired of it all and just want to relax and enjoy the rest of their lives. Who knows!? I sure don't. I am sure, though, we'll get a lot more insight in the weeks ahead from Rob (who seems to be the most forthcoming and is available given he's on tour in the U.S. with Ozzy right now).

All I can say is that I'm really bummed out about this, even though it was inevitable. Thank you to Judas Priest for every second of music you've given the world. I look forward to traveling to as many concerts aas possible on your final tour. Keep the faith.

9/4/10 - Sorry for the lack of updates, even though a lot has been going on in the Priest/Halford camps since I last spoke to you. The Shrine is FOR SALE, so click on the link below if you are seriously interested. I just don't have the time to devote to this site anymore.

4/10/10 - I've decided that the time has come to pass this site along to someone who will be able to give it more attention than I can. My life is too busy now with a young family that I no longer have any time to dedicate to my favorite band. That said, the judas-priest.com domain is now officially FOR SALE. If you are SERIOUSLY interested in purchasing the domain and its content, please email me and we can talk. Serious inquiries ONLY.

It's been a real pleasure servng Priest fans across the globe for more than a decade and being the most popular Judas Priest site on the web. But it's time to move on....

3/8/10 - Unfortunately, after 13 years of running this site providing Priest fans from just about every country on the planet, I'm no longer able to provide you guys with any more MP3 files. I got a cease & desist order from Rob Halford's lawyer a few months ago (but didn't actually get it until today) requesting removal of all files. So, I don't need any legal headaches and took them down.

The irony here is that where I get these files is readily available all over the web and no one is stopping them (and I hope they never do!). The simple fact is the fans crave as much live material as possible Hell, I have probably 200 live shows and always want more. I'm a die-hard fan. What else can I say?

So, the lawyers win this one without a fight. I'm in no position to fight this shit. In fact, this may be what prompts me to shut down this site now. I have so little time as it is, with two little kids and a job, etc. that the time may be right to pack it in. I don't know....

1/31/10 - Hey, folks! Happy New year! Let's get right to it:


For the band's performance of "Dissident Aggressor" from last year's live compilation "A Touch of Evil." Simply amazing. And so ridiculously overdue. Head on over to the News page for a link.

Sorry again for the lack of updates, but life is very busy these days with kids and all. I'll do the best I can to post the huge backlog of live shows I have for you.

12/14/09 - Sorry about some of the MP3s, folks. I fixed the Maryland show link tonight.

11/9/09 - I've got a "me" day today, so I'll be posting even MORE live shows for you!! Stay tuned!

UPDATE: So, I just got banned over at the Halford site for posting the live shows. Didn't even get a warning. Oh well. Sorry I won't be joining you guys at the Quorum for a while.... :(

UPDATE #2: I have posted two new shows today, including a phenomenal-quality show from Texas this past August.

11/8/09 - OK, so it's 5 AM now and I've been wide awake for the past two hours. Perfect time for me to get moving on the HUGE backlog of live shows I have for you guys (including the infamous 1991 Toronto show!). No kidding, I probably have at least 30 shows to upload. So, bear with me. I didn't realize it's been nearly 9 months since I last uploaded anything for you, but life has been busy since March with our new addition to the family.

Anyway, thank you for your patience and I promise I'll get moving on posting all these shows. As always, all i ask is that if you download anything, PLEASE be sure to click on my Google and Ebay links (or other sponsors if you are intersted in anything) to help support the Shrine. I truly appreciate it.

Finally, I also hope to have a new and better design for the site soon. I like this design a lot, but the functionality is iffy, depending on your display resolution. I plan to make it more basic and user-friendly. I'll probably also cut down on the ads as well.

UPDATE - I was able to post three live shows this morning! Check them out now!

7/13/09 - No time for chit-chat. Here are pics from last night's INCREDIBLE show at Jones Beach!!!

3/14/09 - Hey, folks. Sorry for the slow-down in updates, but we had a new addition to the family recently, so priorities have shifted a bit for the time being. I'm still collecting a ton of live shows, and I have quite a backlog to fill for you guys, including shows from THIS month, as well as shows that are quite old. I appreciate the patience! I hope to have some things posted next week.

2/1/09 - The Live at The Budokan show is now posted! Go get it!!

1/31/09 - So, I'm not slowing down! Tonight I plan on having a FANTASTIC show from the 1984 "Defenders of the Faith" Tour posted. It's from the famous Budokan in Tokyo! Stay tuned!

***UPDATE*** My internet connection for uploading seems to be pretty bad tonight so I'm going to let it run overnight and have this available to you some time on Sunday.

1/29/09 - In case you missed it, TWO old live shows have been posted this week: Chicago 1981 and Scotland 1978! Go get them on the MP3s page right now. (I fixed the "Solar Angels" error for those of you who already tried to grab it.

1/26/09 - Just a quickie news item posted today on the News Page.

1/25/09 - I told you there would be some updates! I just posted a live show from 1981 tonight! It's from the British Steel Tour in Chicago. Head on over to the MP3s page right now if you want it! More coming very soon...In fact, I just found a show from 1978 that I will post tomorrow for you as well. Stay tuned...

1/23/09 - Happy New Year everyone!!! I'm sorry to have gotten off to a really slow strt for the Shrine's 12th year. Work has been really stressful lately and I haven't been able to devote any time to the site since last month. But what I have been doing is collecting LOTS of live shows - one even from 1978!!!

I hope to have some time this weekend to post some more shows. I think I have at least 5 or more to post for you, so please stay tuned.

12/19/08 - Our friends in Brazil (and the rest of the world, actually) will be happy to know we have a SECOND show posted on the MP3s page today! This one is from Sao Paolo. Be sure to check it out and tell your friends!

12/10/08 - I'm starting to get my act together! I just posted the first live show from Puerto Alegre, Brazil! Go check it out on the MP3s pages!

I hope to have a few more very soon, so please keep checking back!


- Sorry for the delays on those shows. I had problems with a lot of the files, but everything is good now. I'll start posting those shows tonight!

11/30/08 - Hopefully by late Monday night, folks, we'll have a bunch more live shows. This time from Australia, Brazil, Japan and one or two more US shows as well from this past tour. I have a busy day, but hope to have this all up by midnight EST Monday.

11/7/08 - Yes, I've been slacking. Sorry. Haven't had a lot of time lately, but I will be posting more stuff this weekened. I JUST posted a new show! Live from Sydney, Australia, Sept. 12, 2008! Go check it out on the MP3s pages!

10/14/08 - Thanks for your patience, folks. I have so much to post..... First, there are several more live shows coming from the Metal Masters Tour from this past summer, so please stay tuned - I should have them all up by Wednesday night! But be sure to check out the first one up now - Live at the Shoreline Ampitheatre, Mountain View, CA, August 31, 2008.

Second, Neil Daniels has some updates about new editions of his Priest autobography coming. I'll post that tomorrow as well.

9/24/08 - Sorry for the lack of updates this month. I've been pretty busy and haven't had a lot of free time. What I *do* have in the pipeline are several shows both old and new, so stay tuned!

8/31/08 - Hey folks! Been a bit quiet for the past week, but I finally got my hands on some new shows! I'll have the Mohegan Sun and Arizona shows for you in the next couple of days! YES! Still crossing my fingers for a recording of the PNC Bank Arts Center in New Jersey and the next night at Jones beach in Long Island. I can't believe the two sows I went two were the ONLY ones not recorded!

Also, if you are interested in grabbing some really cool Priest memorabilia, you might to check out my Ebay auctions right NOW!. I'm unloading a large portion of my collection at great prices. Don't miss out!

8/24/08 - I almost forgot a show! before the Metal Masters Tour began, Priest played a one-off show at the Hard Rock Cafe in new York City in honor of Eddie Trunk who has been on the airwaves promoting metal one way or another. This is in a small club, invitation-only show. It's awesome. And it proved Rob still has it. He got to rest his voice from the European tour and he's back in top form.

Go to the the MP3s page for the show!

8/21/08 - We just keep them coming! The Chicago show is now up! Check out the the MP3s page to download the show now.

8/20/08 - Those shows are coming! I promise! Meanwhile, the Chicago, IL show will be posted Thursday night!

8/18/08 - Still trying to get everything posted. I just posted the Camden, NJ show from Aug. 6! Check out the the MP3s page to download the show now.

8/16/08 - Hey, Priest fans! I have a ton of new stuff for you coming up this weekend. I went to see the Master of Metal Tour TWICE last weekend in New Jersey and New York. I have a few pics and quickie reviews for you. I also have two live shows coming from this tour from Camden, NJ and the show from the other night in Toronto! I also have a couple of great shows from 1981 and 1984 coming as well. Stay tuned. I hope to have everything posted by late Sunday night!

8/2/08 - Hey, folks! After another several-week break, I have another live show posted today from the Summer 2008 tour! Check out the the MP3s page to download the show now.

7/9/08 - After a short break, we're back with more live shows!! Tonight I posted the Gods of Metal show from Bologna, Italy on June 29! Get it now!

6/28/08 - Sorry for the delay, but the Zwölle, Holland show is now posted! Get it now!

6/25/08 - More live shows for you tonight! First up is Munich, Germany. I'm also getting Zwolle, Holland, but that won't be up until tomorrow night (it's getting too late). Head on over to the the MP3s page.

6/22/08 - Head over to the News page to read my comments about the new video of "War" the band released to the world today. It ain't pretty.

6/17/08 - NOSTRADAMUS IS HERE!!!! I'd love to hear what you think of the new album. Email your comments to the Shrine now!

Also, you can download both the Luxemburg and Austria shows from this past week! Check out the MP3s page right now!!

6/9/08 - Alright! The Sweden Rock Festival show is now up! Check out the MP3s page to download the show!

6/4/08 - Some very cool fan in Finland recorded last night's show in Helsinki!!! And you can find the entire show on the MP3s page! If you haven't heard already, the setlist is going to blow your mind!

6/3/08 - I've been meaning to get to this for a long time, but recent events is forcing me to get off my ass. I'm now auctioning off most of my Judas Priest memorabilia colelction. You can see an updated list f items here:

I will be updating the list on a regular basis throughout the month of June and beyond if needed. This is your chance (maybe ONLY chance to score some incredible items).

5/5/08 - We are treated with a new single today from "Nostradamus" called "Visions! Check it out on the MP3s page!

4/21/08 - HOLY SHIT! I was caught a bit off guard today, but Priest has officially released the title track to "Nostradamus" today!! On top of that, a US tour with Heaven & Hell (aka Black Sabbath w/ Dio).....

Check out the News page for more!

I'll be posting more later tonight as I'm stcuk at work now. What an exciting day!

4/17/08 - More awesome news regarding "Nostradamus" is on the News page.

4/14/08 - Huge news regarding the release date of "Nostradamus" on the News page.

3/12/08 - The new DIVX page is live!! I'm still adding videos, so give it time. But there are four high quality vids posted right now. Go get 'em!

3/8/08 - I began adding high-quality Judas Priest videos to the site tonight. I'm working out a few bugs, but you can see the home page and watch a classic live version of "Rocka Rolla."

I currently have "Evening Star (live TV),"Dreamer Deceiver (live TV)," Take on the World (live TV," "Living After Midnight (live TV)," "Touch of Evil," "United (live TV)," and "Love Bites (live video)" to add. Once i have the new section up and running, I'll regularly add more. These vidoes kick the shit out of those crappy ass YouTube videos....

3/5/08 - updated the news page again with information on a new, exclusive interview with Rob Halford on this week's "Talking Metal" on Fuse TV.

I also fixed the Heavy Metal Photo Book pages. I had no idea (duh!) that the link was wrong, so you can now see them all.

2/28/08 - Updated the News page today with more CONFIRMED summer tour dates for the Priest!

2/21/08 - Hey, Folks. I'm currently working on my review of the "Defenders of the Faith" book. I've been under the weather for a few weeks and pretty busy at work, so I'm sorry for the delay. I am also sending the author a list of questions he agreed to answer for the Shrine. Stay tuned. I hope to have this all done by Monday.

1/14/08 - Happy new year, everyone! Updated the News page today with more festival dates Priest has confirmed for this summer!

12/29/07 - The MP3s just keep coming!! Tonight I got the Denver 1980 show up. Took a while, but you'll find that it's worth it. Again, if you download any songs, PLEASE click on at least ONE G0 0 G L3 link on any of the MP3 pages. Thanks.

I'll be posting a full concert video shortly!!

12/28/07 - TWO new shows are up for you to download!!! I ran into a couple of technical problems last night, so the third show AND video bootleg is coming later today!

12/27/07 - Hope you all had a fun and safe holiday. I have some treats in store for you the next few days. A shitload of MP3s are coming your way. I have Priest live in Chicago from 1984!!! I also have live in Denver from 1980 and San Diego from November 2005. Yeah, I thought you'd like that! Also, I'll be posting a full VIDEO show from 1991! So, please, don't forget to click on my sponsor links! Stay tuned!

On top of that, I hope to have my review of Neil Daniels' book in the next few days.

12/7/07 - A shout out to yoursmentally! I now have my hands on the SECOND Priest bio to come out "Heavy Metal Painkillers" by Martin Popoff. It's a gorgeous piece of work and I hope to start reading it once I write my review of Neil Daniel's book "Defenders of the Faith". It's huge. It's heavy. It's FULL of pictures. I can't wait to dive into it.

I will be posting a few new shows in MP3 format during the remainder of December. I have some time freed up that I plan on spending strictly on the Shrine! Ho, fuckin' ho! Meanwhile, you can download Fight's "Christmas Ride" on the MP3 page now! It's an annual tradition here on the Shrine!

11/29/07 - Holy shit! What a busy week in the Priest world! First, I'm working on my review of Neil Daniel's book "Defenders of the Faith" which I finished reading a couple of days ago. Stay tuned for that.

SuicideGirls.com - Pin-Up Punk Rock and Goth Girls

Second, yet another information and photo-packed book from rock journalist Martin Popoff is about to hit the stores. It's called "Heavy Metal Painkillers." Read more about it on the News page. I have a review copy on the way and hope to have it in a few days. I'm really excited. Two books in one month about the Metal Gods!

Third, if you've checked out the Articles page recently, you'll see that "Nostradamus" is due for release in May 2008. A bit later than we expected, but that's actually to be expected when it comes to this band. However, dates are now coming out where Priest will be headlining this summer! Right now, they are slated to appear at the Sweden Rock Fest on June 4-7. Word is that they will also be at another festival in Italy, but that has yet to be confirmed.

Fourth, Fight's new "War of Words - The Film "DVD and re-mastered and remixed "War of Words" CD began shipping last week. I got my copy already and hope to have time to watch the film shortly. The CD sounds phenomenal. It's nice to have this CD back for sale after being out of print for many years.

Finally, I've added a Videos page! It's not what I had hoped (yet), but it's my YouTube playlist of all the Priest videos I could find. Some REALLY rare stuff. Check it out! I haven't had much time to encode the videos I personally have (in higher quality) but I may have some time towards the end of December.

11/20/07 - Updated the News and Articles pages today with a slew of interviews coming from Rob.

11/13/07 - You can now pre-order the new Fight documentary "War of Words - The Movie!!!" The film is premiering in New york tomorrow, but I unfortunately can't go. I'm really excited about Rob releasing all of this new material. Next up, I believe, is the Rock in Rio film!

I'm looking for those of you going to the movie premiers in New York, LA and otehr places. Send me pics and an account of the events and I'll create a page for you!

I'm still working my way through the "Defenders of the Faith" book. I'm finding new, and incredibly interesting things at each turn. I'm about half way through the book. Fascinating read.....

Also, for you MP3 freaks, I'm planning on posting a bunch of new bootlegs in time for the holidays. I've been slacking quite a bit, but I haven't had time to work on the site much. I promise the wait will be worth it!

10/15/07 - Added a new link to an interview you really want to read with Rob Halford recently. Check out the Articles page.

10/1/07 - I got my review copy of The Story of Judas Priest - Defenders of the Faith from Neil Daniels on Friday. I'm only on the first chapter, but I'm already amazed at the amount of research that went into this book. Everything we ever wanted to know about the band's history is in here. It's incredible.

Already, though, two major "faults" of this book, but not the author's fault. One is the foreword by Al Atkins. Dude, get over yourself. Yes, you were a founding member of Priest. Stop trying to take credit for even playing a small part in their success. Without Rob, they would have been a mere footnote in music history, if that. Please, move on.

Two, Priest and our wonderful friend Jayne Andrews made a huge mistake by dismissing this book and refusing to participate. I realize this is Jayne's pattern of behavior, but this book could have been so much more with their participation and, thankfully, Neil quotes Jayne's comments about the book in the beginning, which make her look like....well, I don't need to tell you. Nonetheless, by far the most comprehensive history of our favorite band.

I will post a full review once I'm done reading it (it's not a small read, btw!). And thank you Neil for not only the book, but for mentioning this very site in the appendix. I'm very grateful.

9/21/07 - I finally posted Part 2 of the Miami 1988 show in the MP3 section! Be sure to click on my Sponsor links if you download the songs, please.

9/13/07 - The new Judas Priest biography "Defenders of the Faith: The Story of Judas Priest" by Neil Daniels is now available. I was hoping to get a review copy earlier but never got one. I hope to have time to pick it up in the next few weeks once my work schedule lightens up.

My friend and uber-author Bryan Reesman dug up an old interview he did with Rob Halford for Bikini Magazine back in '98, the 2wo era. It's a neat read. Check out the Articles page.

Again, my work schedule has been so insanely busy the past 3 months that I've neglected the site. I'm hoping things will slow down in October and I will catch up on posting a slew of MP3s and videos for you.

7/11/07 - I apologize for the lack of updates the past couple of months. I've been incredibly busy with my new job and family duties take up the rest of my time. I hope to post the second half of the live Miami show by the end of the month and update the interviews and articles pages. Once the summer passes, I should have more time...

5/7/07 - I added a new live show to the MP3 page today - Priest: Live in Miami 1988. This is an amazing show from the Ram It Down tour. I've posted Part I today and will post Part 2 next month. As always, please don't forget to click on my sponsor links if you download MP3s from the site! Thanks!!

5/1/07 - Updated the News page today with exciting news about THREE new Halford box sets comiung out later this year. There's also a link to a new Rob Halford interview I posted on the news page as well.

I am also working on posting the latest MP3 concert which I will post in the next few days. It's a fantastic show from the "Ram It Down" tour in Miami, 1988.

3/9/07 - I updated the links and News pages today. K.K. Downing launched a new heavy metal news, video and information site that really kicks ass: KK's Metal Mill.

3/8/07 - I have posted the first concert of the month today on the MP3s page - Judas Priest's final show in Toronto before Rob left to pursue a solo career.

3/2/07 - Our move to a new, better host is complete! I'll be working to get some RARE video footage of Rob's 2wo days (the only known performance!) and will debut our "Concert of the Month" in the MP3 section. Stay tuned. This should all be done by Monday.

2/21/07 - There's a link to a new interview with KK on the News page today. Some fantastic tidbits about the new album, Nostradamus. We'll be getting a DOUBLE album and KK says it will be out in the summer!

1/15/07 - Thanks to a new host and some awesome video conversion software I recently purchased, I'm proud to announce a new Judas Priest/Rob Halford video library coming to the Shrine. By the end of February, I'll be posting videos of interviews and live concerts. I'll even post some of the old Priest videos and some commercials. Stay tuned!

I'm also working on getting a large number of MP3s posted as well this month. I'll be posting roughly one full concert per month.

1/16/07 - Posted a quickie update on the Halford page. Rob's new video debuted on Yahoo this week.

I'm still working on converting the rest of the site to the new design. So far, so good.

1/12/07 - I'm still working on converting all the pages on the site to the new design. I hope you all like it. I also updated the Articles, Halford pages today with a few new things (and removed invalid links).

1/8/07 - Since I'm bored out of my mind and have a lot of time on my hands at work these days, I'm currently programming a complete overhaul of the Shrine. I figured it was time to clean things up a bit, add a fresh look and bring the site up to modern standards. I'm not a programming geek, so adding cool features and whatnot isn't as easy for me as it is for others. But I'm working hard on re-designing the site and hope to have things in place before the end of the month - hopefully way before that.

I'm also moving my domain to a new hosting provider - Dreamhost - soon, so I will finally be able to offer more MP3s once again. I know a lot of people will take advantage of this (that's nothing new), but I hope many of you will at least click on some of my sponsor links, including G@@GLE, to help out.

2007 is shaping up to be an exciting year for Priest fans, as we await the epic "Nostradamus." I have no idea when the band will release the album, but word is that they'll deliver by some time this spring. I hope so.

1/4/07 - Happy New Year, metal fans from around the world!! I want to thank you all for continuing to visit and support the Shrine. Unless I'm mistaken, 2007 marks my tenth year of keeping the Shrine alive. It's hard to believe, really. An entire decade seems to have flown by - for both good and bad reasons. I'm just grateful we still have our favorite metal gods alive and well and still delivering great music.

12/13/06 - Quick update today. I've added Babelfish Translation to the site on the most popular pages in order to make it easier for my international visitors to enjoy the site. I know there are a lot of Priest fans in Brazil, Chile, Eastern Europe, Spain, etc. that visit the site and I hope this helps you all be able to find the site more useful.

12/11/06 - This is so cool. Jim Bruer, an American comedian who hosts his own comdey/talk show on Sirius Satellite Radio here in the US is a huge metal fan and recently had Rob on the show. Rob showed up while Jim was doing karaoke of "Devil's Child" and "someone" joined him for a duet. Check it out on YouTube!

12/4/06 - Posted some news today about Rob's appearances on Sirius Satellite radio shows in the coming week. Also, be sure to download Fight's "Christmas Ride" MP3.

11/28/06 - The entire re-mastered Halford catalog was released today on iTunes and on Halford's site today. There are a ton of new and unreleased songs, remastered everything, videos (coming soon) and some killer art work. Click on the links above to hear it all and download. What a great Xmas present!!!

11/20/06 - Well, today is a huge day for Halford fans!!!! Rob has released his first single in nearly 3 years "Forgotten Generation" on iTunesicon today!! Click on the link to hear a sample!

Over the next week or so, we'll finally get our hands on the re-mastered albums, videos and new singles. What a nice Xmas present!

11/8/06 - Added some rare MP3s to the MP3 page today. This marks the first MP3s brought back to the site in over a year.

11/2/06 - Added two more interviws (really the same) on the Articles page.

10/30/06 - I updated both the Articles and News Pages with interviews with Rob halford.

10/27/06 - Halford announces new tracks and release dates for remasters and compilation CDs/DVDs. Check out the News Page for more info!

9/29/06 - News from the Priest camp has been pretty non-existent recently, as they usually keep quiet during the recording of a new album, but I found a few tidbits and posted them in the Articles page today.

6/6/6 - Big, big, big news from Halford this week on the News Page.

5/19/06 - Some comments about the death of an old friend - CIRCUS Magazine - on the News Page.

5/4/06 - A COOL find today! There's a video of Priest drummer Scott Travis doing his drum tracks for Painkiller's Hell Patrol. Pretty cool. I've added a link to it on the MP3 page.

4/13/06 - I've added a link and snippet of an interview Rob did with Billboard Magazine about the new concept album on the Articles page.

4/12/06 - Big news this week about the band's new album on the News page.

3/16/06 - The Articles and Reviews pages have both been updated with a bunch of long interviews with Glenn Tipon, as his new solo album "Edge of the World" is now out.

3/8/06 - Huge news if you have some extra cash lying around and would like to get your hands on Glenn Tipton's ORIGINAL black Gibson SG he used for so much of his early career. As part of a cancer charity auction, it's being auctioned off on eBay this week. Currently, bidding is up to $2,000, which is sadly out of my league. I'd kill for this thing. But, for those of you who DO have the cash, go for it!!!

Also, Glenn Tipton has released his new solo album and has alsor re-issued his first one - Baptizm of Fire. Be sure to click on my Amazon links and get your copies today.

2/27/06 - So, so small-dicked loser hacked into the forums last week and basically wiped out a year's worth of posts. Sorry to all who registered and were nice enough to post. I'm debating taking it down permanantly, given I have little time to deal with it. Anyway, fuck you to the script kiddie who messed with our forum for no reason. It must suck sitting in your room all day with no friends spanking it to pictures of little boys.

2/15/06 - Rockdetector has two fantastic interviews with Glenn Tipton and KK Downing. I have posted the links on the Articles page. Some great insight about Glenn's new album Edge of the World and the re-release of Baptizm of Fire. They also claim there will be a lot more setlist surprises on their next tour.

1/27/06 - The News page has been updated with news about someone's new solo album....

1/12/06 - Well, I kept my promise! The Photos page is now live with several live galleries from the 2005 world tour. I'm not sure who took these pictures, but they're fantastic. Enjoy!

1/5/06 - Happy New Year, everyone! I hope you all had a very happy and safe holiday season. So, another year of worshiping the Priest online. I believe this marks the eighth birthday for the Shrine. We've been online forever! So, to kick off 2006, I'd like to announce an exciting update. I received an anonymous CD in the mail recently that contained HUNDREDS of live Priest pictures. Many of them date back to the 80's and some into the 70's. The majority of them are from the most recent tour. I hope to have the Photos section FINALLY populated by the end of January. I've neglected that part of the site since I launched it, so my apologies.

Also, a foreword about the pictures. I've discovered a lot of people linking images on this site to their own and using my bandwidth. If you want to use an image from this site, please "Save As..." and save the image to your OWN web server. I also request that you give the site credit if the image isn't watermarked with our URL. I do monthly checks and for those who don't comply, usually find an unwelcome surprise the next time they see their pages.

9/27/05 - More articles have been added to the Articles page!

9/8/05 - I've updated the News page to include the entire list of tour dates for Sept. - Dec.

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7/18/05 - New tour dates for North America are in the News page!

6/14/05 - I was at the Priest concert at the Mohegan Sun on Friday. What a show!! Despite the same set list as other shows on the tour, the band was in high form. Unfortunately, the pictures I took wouldn't come out (thanks, CVS!) and I don't have any to post.

I'm still looking for people to post US tour reviews in the forum! If you haven't signed up already, please do so now and get posting!

6/1/05 - Well, the North American tour is just about ready to get under way! I'm really hoping you folks will contribute your own reviews to the Shrine. If you can supply me with pictures, you'll get your OWN page here on the site.

There's little news to report other than Priest has recorded their shows in Japan and a live CD and/or DVD is on its way for us in the fall! While this will mark yet another live CD from the band, it's the first with Rob since "Priest...Live!" in 1986.

4/28/05 - Things have really slowed down the past month after an exciting launch for "Angel of retribution." I'm really disappointed that few people have submitted reviews of the shows and/or signed up for the forums. I hope that picks up once the band hits the US in June.

Yahoo! Personals

Some of you may have noticed some drastic changes to the MP3 page. The decision was made last week to pull all MP3s from the site after a massive amount of bandwidth was being taken up every single day. To be blunt, I'm tired of allowing thousands of people every month to freeload off my server. So, the entire MP3 directory has been pulled and I have no plans of putting them back up. In the meantime, the links on the MP3 page lead to Napster, or if you want shows on CD, you can donate to the Shrine and I'll send you a CD/CDs as a thank you. I know this doesn't sit well with a lot of people, but if you saw the amount of bandwidth being eaten up every single day, you'd understand. It costs a LOT of money.

3/30/05 - The News page has details about the upcoming summer tour in the US.



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3/25/05 - The Articles page has been updated.

3/22/05 - The Articles page has been updated with more reviews!

3/15/05 - The Articles page has been updated with MORE positive reviews flowing in for Angel of Retribution!

3/9/05 - Huge news today. Priest is knocking down the Billboard charts! See the News page for more details!

3/7/05 - Maybe I missed this, but Sony has a pretty cool new web site for Priest - http://www.judaspriestonline.com/. Nothing mind-blowing, but it's nice to see the label back the band up with a beter online presence!

3/3/05 - My AOR review appears in the Tribune Newspaper the Hartford Courant today (in the Calendar section). I only get 250 words, so it's tough to write a comprehensive review, like I get to do here, but it's still worth it! I'll scan it in and post it here if they don't post it on their site today.

So much to post today!!! While we're fresh on the heels of the AOR release, pre-orders are now being taken for "The Collection" which ships on April 5. "The Collection" is another 'Best of' set that includes British Steel, Point of Entry and Screaming for Vengeance.

Heard some fantastic news today. As many of you know, the last 3 albums from Priest with Tim Owens barely sold here in the U.S. I believe Demolition sold about 80,000 copies or something like that. Well, according to Hits Daily Double, "Angel of Retribution" is on target to hit 70,000 units sold in the first WEEK of release! That's amazing! I believe we will actually see our favorite metal gods on the Billboard charts the next few weeks!

And, if that wasn't exciting enough, Rob Halford was schmoozing with royalty this week in the UK, according to RobHalford.com:

Rob Halford, the music industry's Metal God, has formally been invited to meet The Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh this evening (March 1st) from 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm.

This Special Evening Reception at Buckingham Palace has been arranged to recognise the excellence of British Music and its contribution to the culture and economy of the UK.

Press coverage of this event will be posted in The Metal God's News Section.

Congratulations Rob!!!!


Updated approx.: 23:23 gmt

Rob's message to the Quorum:

Amazing!!! I shook her hand and chatted with her for 5 mins! Will tell you more soon.


3/1/05 - Well Priest fans, the day we've been waiting for since 1992 is officially here! "Angel of Retribution" was released around the globe yesterday and in the US today! I've had the album for about a month now and all I can say is that it gets better with each listen. Priest has delivered a real classic treat for us once again.

Also, Yahoo Launch has put together an exclusive Priest page. Check it out.

2/22/05 - I will be continuously updating the Articles page with links to news about Angel of Retribution. Today's update includes a nice article from VH1.

2/8/05 - Today, I introduced the new Shrine Forum. Sign up today and become a part of the family!

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2/2/05 - I've come up with a great new page for all of you looking for kick ass stuff online. I've created an exclusive Auctions Page, packed with tons of Judas Priest, Rob Halford andother heavy metal goodies that are on eBay RIGHT NOW. The page updates itself dynamically, so be sure to check it out every day!

Also, I've created a new JP Shrine mailing list. By signing up, you will be notified of site updates, breaking news, and auction updates. Just put your email in the sign-up box at the top of the page!

1/27/05 - Happy New Year everyone!! Hope you all had a nice holiday. Well, the countdown begins. On March 1, we will have our hands on the new Judas Priest album "Angel of Retribution"!!! However, thanks to my trusted sources, I already have the album and will be posting my review here in the next couple of weeks. All I can say is, the Demolition-era Priest is long gone (thankfully) and the REAL classic Priest is back.

I also want to thank my buddy over at RobHalford.de, Markus, for posting lyrics to most of the new songs. Head on over to his tribute site and check them out for yourself!

Finally, if you haven't pre-ordered the new album yet, do so now!!! Click the link below!!!

12/9/04 - Chances are you've already heard the news. A cowardly gunman has taken away one of metal's greatest guitarists and ambassadors: "Dimebag" Darrell Abbott. I'm still in absolute shock. I just logged on to my computer and there was the headline on Yahoo! This is so incredibly sad that I don't know what else to say except to express my sincerest condolences to all those who knew and loved Darrell, especially his brother Vinnie who was there with him and Pat Lachman, who has always been a gracious and cool guy.

11/7/04 - The Buy CDs page has been updated. I've been getting at least two emails a day from people asking me about getting the CDs I was "forbidden" from selling. Well, I have a new program available. It's a donation program, where you receive a CD (or CDS) of your choice with a donation to the Shrine. Check it out!

10/24/04 - I had a really hard time parting with a piece of memorabilia recently. It's called the Heavy Metal Photo Book: Judas Priest. Before I sent it away, I spent hours and hours scanning in all 80+ pages to share with you all. Most of these photos have never been seen by most Priest fans, and I'm glad to share it with you. Click here to enter the Heavy Metal Photo Book pages.

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Older updates can be found in the Updates Archive.

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