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7" singles

Judas Priest

"Scoop 33 1/3"
Pickwick Int'l Inc., England - 1983

The vinyl version of this early Priest compilation. Interesting how "Hot Rockin'" appears, but Les Binks (drummer) is still pictured with the band on this one. ("Hot Rockin'" is on the "Point of Entry" album with Dave Holland on drums).


W/ Grinder
CBS Records, 1980

So far, this is the only 7" package I have come across with a fold-out poster as its packaging. (I'll post the image of the poster as soon as I can free up some disk space on my desktop. The image is huge...)

You've Got Another Thing Comin'

W/ Exciter (Live)
CBS Records, 1982

So far, the ONLY 7" picture disc from Judas Priest. This was yet another gem I picked up at a recent show in Hartford, CT.

Don't Go

W/ Solar Angels
CBS Records, 1981

Nothing too special about this, except the cover. It can make you dizzy...

Breaking the Law

W/ Metal Gods
CBS Records, 1980

I have a couple of these... The best thing about this single is that the inside actually opens up to a panoramic view of Priest on stage. I would scan it for you, but the middle fold and slot for the actual record kind of mess up the image.

Heading Out to the Highway

W/ Rock Forever and Hell Bent for Leather (both live)
CBS Records, 1981

Oooh! Nice blue! I have to laugh at this cover because of the pose. Check out Dave and Ian. STRIKE A POSE!

Hot Rockin'

W/ Brealking the Law (Live)
CBS Records, 1981

Locked In

W/ Reckless
CBS Records, 1986

Yes...."Reckless." Remember that song? It was one of my (few) favorites off of "Turbo." So much so, I had my guitar teacher, Zeke, teach this to me. (Hey, give me a break, I was like 11 years-old or something...). The cover of this is slightly creepy. If you get into a staring contest with it, you'll lose. Trust me.

Some Heads are Gonna Roll

W/ Breaking the Law (Live)
CBS Records, 1984

C'mon, finish this one for me... "Some Heads....?" Alright, so I'm no Rob Halford, but you get to hear him and the others live at the US Festival in 1983 (why don't they have anymore of those???)

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