Updated 11/6/04

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Produced by Roy Z.

Rob Halford - Vocals
Patrick Lachman - Guitars
Mike Chlasciak - Guitars
Ray Riendeau - Bass
Bobby Jarzombek - Drums


There are only a select few CDs I own that I can actually play over and over again, without skipping any tracks, and never get tired of listening to. They include Megadeth's Rust in Peace, Judas Priest's Painkiller and Screaming for Vengeance, and Metallica's Master of Puppets. Well, folks, there's another CD I am happily adding to that list: Rob Halford's Resurrection.

We've been eagerly awaiting the return of the Metal God since the internet-only release of the "Silent Screams" demo on Rob's site last year. And with the promo tracks hitting the web several weeks ago, the anticipation has been building for the return of a heavy metal legend, whom many had written off years ago after being involved in the Fight and Two sessions. My copy finally arrived in the mail a few days ago - and I haven't stopped playing it yet (I'm determined to convert all of my co-workers into Halford fans!). From the second I popped it into my CD player, I was ecstatic. I couldn't believe how good EVERY song was, the quality of the production, and the intensity of the Halford band. This CD kicks ass from beginning to end. This was the metal album I have been waiting for for years. And it's exactly what the music world needs to hear. Sure, there are some songs I like more than others, but I *do* like them all.

In arguably his greatest form, Rob Halford is back to claim his status as the Metal God.

He's put together a group of some of the most talented metal musicians around and blasts out twelve songs that you are going to absolutely love. A touch of old school, a touch of new school , and all Halford. Prepare to bang your head, thrust your fist in the air, or step on the gas once you play it. You won't be able to help yourself. Trust me.

Resurrection (full clip)
"Son of Judas bring the saints to my revenge, resurrection bring me home..."

Rising from the darknes, fading in from nothingness, the trademark howls of the almighty operatic voice fight their way to the forefront of the title track, boldly announcing 'I'm back.' Resurrection immediately explodes through the speakers launching you into one hell of an experience. The title track is fairly self-explanatory. It chronicles Rob's soul-searching quest during the 90s to exorcise his demons, find out what he's about, and eventually return to his heavy metal roots. No cheesy lyrics. Just honest words. A theme repeated throughout the CD.

Made in Hell (full clip)
"But over time it came to be, I knew which way to go..."

The second track continues the auto-biographical theme of the CD. This song just chugs through, while Rob brings you through a journey of discovery - his journey of finding his passion in music back in his youth back in the old steel towns of the Midlands. The band just thunders through this one, and is surely going to be a live favorite.

Locked and Loaded (clip)
I've got no sympathy, for all you've done to me..."

One of my favorite tracks, Locked and Loaded is one of those macho, rythmic, head-banging, "don't fuck with me" songs you can't get enough of. I just love the groove and guitars sound perfect. This inuendo-filled tale of revenge is by far one of the strongest songs of all.

Night Fall (clip)
I've lost my heart to you, you're too cruel to be kind..."

Night Fall is a slight twist from the rest of Resurrection, in that it's a less aggressive, more melodic tune, very 80s, if you will (no, not Poison 90s...). Nothing fancy or outrageous. Just a good, solid tune.

Silent Screams (Listen to the original DEMO of this song!)
Tempting fate and losing friends along the way I loved..."

Ah, yes. The song that announced many months ago Halford was coming back to his heavy metal roots. Rob originally recorded this song in 1999 with friend Bob Marlette and promptly posted it to his web site. Rob was excited as hell to get this out to his fans and to gauge the reaction (which was nothing short of amazing). It's a deeply emotional song, stemming from the losses Rob has had to deal with in his personal life. Unfortunately, there's one problem with the CD version that I have to voice my only criticism of Roy Z.'s brilliant work producing and co-writing on Resurrection. While the song retains its intensity to a high degree, it was tainted by the replacement of electric acoustic guitars for the intro instead of the original steel acoustic. They just don't sound good and shouldn't have been changed, in my opinion. There's also the argument that the drums sound too funky as well. Judge for yourself when you hear it.

The new version is RAW. And that's why it packs so much power along with the lyrics. It's as if Rob is sitting right next to you, singing softly. Silent Screams blasts into the chorus with Rob singing at his most intense, with a softer, subdued harmony backing it up. It's beautiful. This epic really sends shivers up and down my spine. It holds on to you for more than seven minutes, and reaches a truly overwhelming pinnacle near the end. If you had any doubts about Rob's vocal abilities at the young age of 50, you won't after hearing Silent Screams. Listen to this song enough times, and you'll be an emotional mess. It's awesome.

The One You Love to Hate (clip)
Guest vocals - Bruce Dickinson

"Your only future is your past..."

It took more than 20 years, but the two greatest metal singers (and undeniably two of the greatest sets of pipes in music - period) finally come together in this monster of a duet. Rob teams up with Iron Maiden's Bruce Dickinson (on tour together this summer!) in a stab at their critics and naysayers they've thrown by the wayside in their pasts. There's nothing fancy about the music on this tune, other than that it actually sounds like a combo of each singer's former/current bands! A great effect! One can only hope these two gods perform this song in concert this summer. I know I'll be dying to hear it!!!

Cyber World (clip)
"A Trojan Horse that eats your mind"

Rob's professed fascination with the internet age is the obvious inspiration for this tune. This song actually has that euro-guitar sound to it, remiscient of Maiden or Helloween. A fast and tight song, Cyber World gains a ton of steam towards the end with the dual-lead breaks and finally culminating into a perfect dual-guitar harmony break. Remind you of another tandem guitar duo? Remember Roy Z. wanted to capture many of the elements that made early Judas Priest so popular. He did just that with Cyber World, but Mike and Patrick let their chops speak for themselves in this one. I could listen to this part of the song over and over. Another gem!!!

Slow Down (clip)
I'm here to give me one more chance, That choice is resting in my hands, yeah..."

Some neat vocal work in this song of mixed emotions with Rob hitting some high and low notes in the chorus. It's got a real nice sound to it, and is a slight diversion from the rest of the CD.

Twist (clip)
Never get away..."

Rob had an old buddy, Bob Halligan, Jr., write this one for him. Rob has been out of the "rock mode" for a long time and works in Nashville, but worked with Rob to come up with this heavy, trudging, grooving song. This actually reminds me of a song that could have fit on Ram It Down. I love the tone of this entire song. It's got an angonizing grip to it that's hard to explain. The lyrics make you feel like your being enveloped by this monster in the dark and there's nothing you can do abut it, except try to twist yourself away. So cool and eeire.... Cheers to Halligan, Jr. on this one.

Temptation (clip)
I've been around too long to know about your kind..."

One of the great aspects of Resurrection is that nearly every song relates not only to Rob, but to the listener in some way. And that's intentional on his part, as he's said several times. The album is really mature at this point. The songs are strong. The lyrics are meanignful. Temptation speaks for itself. You don't need me to tell you about it. ;-)

Drive (full clip)
Let's rev it up and feel the engine blast..."

Don't blame Halford if you get a speeding ticket listening to this one. Yet another inuendo-filled classic, Drive pumps and pounds your ears with a great groove. And it's something that you really want to sing along to! "Drive, drive, drive with me! The road will set us free!" You kow this is a concert must! Everyone who gets a copy of this album just has to cruise down a long highway with this song CRANKED. If you do happen to get pulled over, see if the friendly officer with give you a break for listening to one kick-ass song. Play it for him (or her!), too!

Saviour (clip)
I'm older so I'm wise..."

A great ending to an epic work of art, Saviour rips through in under 3 minutes. It's got that "end of album" feel to it (another long-standing Halford trademark, IMO). Patrick and Mike really let loose again with some tandem shredding and dual harmonies, too. A new monster band has been created.....

My words do little justice to the phenomenal album Halford has produced. I mean it when I say this is the greatest piece of work I have had the honor and pleasure of listening to in MANY years. There's no doubt that Resurrection is going to take the music world by storm. It's too good NOT to! The quality of song writing and production transcends anything I've heard from the more "popular" and, frankly, far less-talented acts we've been subjected to over and over by the trend factories that claim to be record companies. Let's hope it gets the promotion it deserves.

You are going to hear various flavors of Priest throughout this album. But they aren't obvious to everyone. You have to listen carefully. This album is hard-rooted in heavy metal. Not grunge. Not undustrial. Not punk. Good old fashioned heavy metal that stands the test of time. In fact, a co-worker of mine who has never heard of Rob Halford (what's wrong with kids today??? ARGH!) said that it's blatantly old-school. He meant that as a compliment. While he may not run out and buy the album, at leas he appreciated good, solid tunes and an album that did not pander to any trends. It's unfortunate that younger generations may never truly appreciate the talents of Rob Halford and the bands he's worked with, even though his influence is everywhere you look.

That said, Resurrection is THE album to buy this year. Get it now. And do what you can to spread the word to your friends, because there isn't enough attention this work of art could, and should, receive. It's an absolute masterpiece. If you're lucky, you can also catch Rob on tour with Iron Maiden this summer. Judging from initial reports, Rob hits you even harder in concert.

The long wait is over. The Metal God is back and stronger than ever. His Resurrection is nearly complete.....and he's got one hell of a band backing him up.

-Devin Comiskey