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Priest Live at the the Volkhaus in Zurich, Switzerland - 3/27/02

I am a more or less regular reader of your great page dedicated to Priest. It's always nice to read the reviews from concerts all over the world. In your latest review from the concert in New York you made few critical statements about the situation (regarding) Glenn Tipton - KK Downing. So I was a little bit worried when I went to the Priest concert last night in my hometown of Zurich. They played at the Volkhaus, which is the most traditional place for metal concerts in Switzerland, bands like AC/DC, Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Krokus (does anybody still know them in USA?) rocked the place in the last 25 years. To my surprise, the whole town was plastered with ads for the Priest concert, which is rather new for me. And it worked! The place was sold out with about 1'500 people. The crowd was very mixed from age and look, if you know what a mean, and a lot of women, at least a lot for a Priest concert, (I went with my girlfriend !).

What can a say about the concert? The crowd was very enthusiatic and made a lot of noise when the Priest entered the stage. The setlist was exactly the same as you got in New York. I saw Priest last June when they started the Demolition tour. Since then they put as new songs Turbo Lover and Desert Plains in. Two songs I haven't heard before live, but they sounded great, especially Desert Plains is one of my favourite songs.

All the Priest musicians were in good shape and played an great show. Ripper sounded great and he started to make conversations with the crowd. Last time he just repeated all the words from the Meltdwon live CD. I think he's becoming a real personality now, and not just the guy who replaced Rob Haldford. Okay the stuff with the Harley is not worth talking about. We're old enough! Glenn and KK were headbanging together in the middle of the stage serveral times!! Ian Hill is still the man, to say a word about Scott Travis is like bringing sand to the beach. When the concert was finished, Priest stayed on the stage for about five minutes, waiving to the crowd, giving them souvenirs, shake hands with the first row.

After all, it was a great show. Okay you can always talk about the setlist, why didn't they play exicter, why did the play united, why was there no song from the defenders album, etc etc. They could for five days - you know what I mean.

Thats all!

metal greetings from switzerland - Oliver Ambs

PS: i hope my english is not to far away from english.