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Judas Priest - 02/19/02 The Palace of Auburn Hills, MI


The Priest wrapped up their brief, American tour on Tuesday at The Palace Of Auburn Hills. Being the home of the NBA Pistons, the Palace seats roughly 20,000. I don't know who booked this concert, but it was undersold by about 13,000 seats. The Priest audience is "more selective" now and the place looked very empty. Embarrassing.

Of course the Priest opened with Metal Gods. The band played the same set list as the Columbus show. I had front for center seats for the show and could not wait to see my childhood heroes after 4 years. I have been listening to them for close to 22 years and still can not understand the song selections of tonight's show.

I expected the obligatory hits: Midnight, Victim, Manalishi, etc. but Turbo Lover, Desert Plains and Diamonds & Rust. Any TRUE Priest fan will admit the embarrassment of the Turbo album, and Point of Entry is not of the "finest hours" musically for this band. Where did the Sentinel disappear to? NO SONGS FROM DEFENDERS OF THE FAITH??????

Rapid Fire, Grinder, Screaming For Vengeance probably would have been better receive than Priest Cheese Metal or Petal.

Sad to say, the band looked very tired and bored (especially Scott Travis). I was very disappointed. The only hope left for the Priest, is to patch things up with Rob and do a Farewell Tour, which I am sure would be a HUGE success.

To be honest, I am tired of defending this band with Ripper Owens. They have become a shadow of the amazing band they used to be. There is only one Elvis and there is definitely only one ROB HALFORD. Except no imitations.

Rock Hard Ride Free, WAXER