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Judas Priest - Review of Columbus, Ohio show 2/10/02

By "Tanc"

Saw Priest in Columbus, Ohio yesterday and it was incredible. I haven't sen them since Painkiller and they have not missed a beat.

Anthrax opened, and though I have never been a fan, they were tight and played a solid hour. The coolest about them was their clothing. They all wore black pants and black shirts with a pentagram of the front and their names with a number on the back.

The highlights included: Got the Time, Bring the Noise, and Anit-social. They did not play I'm the Man or Indians.

After they finised, the Anthrax set was broken down and the Priest set erected. Nothing elaborate, just a Demolition backdrop and an elevated drum riser.

The crowd of about 1200 was definitely there to see Priest, and were anxiously awaited to hear the first notes. When the "iron feet" of Metal Gods rang out, the crowd went nuts for they knew we were going see the Alpha and the Omega of heavy metal.

The set list included (not sure of the order, except for first/last):

I still cannot believe they played Turbo Lover. The added a harder sound, and the crowd was crazy for it.

Ever one was in top form musically, physically Ian should have had Goodyear tattoed on that spare tire. I would have loved to hear a drum solo from Scott, but none was found.

All in all, just the best damn music in the world delivered by the best musicians. Do not miss them if they come remotely near you.